The astrological predictions of Thursday, March 22, 2023

The influence of the New Moon in Aries continues, there will be creative openings that will manage to improve partnerships and relationships. In the professional field, the coordinated visions will find realization, the conditions for positive development will be favorable. On a psychological level, moods rise, the characteristics will be optimism, spontaneity, vitality.



Krie, tension is the protagonist of the day as issues of the past come to the surface that can significantly affect relationships with close people. Take care to avoid controversy and try to show understanding as this will help you escape from intense nervousness.

Professional - financial 

You can claim what you think you deserve because of your hard work from your superiors. It is a fact that they pay attention to you and listen to your arguments. With perseverance and a realistic approach to things you will achieve the best financially.

You can express the strong feelings you feel for your partner as you put the fear aside and focus on taking the passion to the relationship. If you are single / the new acquaintance can arise which will fill you with optimism and create conditions to stay in your life for a long time.


Taurus, the day reinforces the doubts and lack of confidence you may feel. It is important to put aside the nervousness that can lead to violent conflicts with people around you as these will be crucial.

Professional - Financial

Conflicts over financial issues are very likely to detune you from your goal and upset the data in your financial life. Beware of the involvement of friendly people who do not seem to understand what your needs are and their action may create obstacles.

The need to control and handle your partner can lead you wrong and make jerky moves that will negatively affect your relationship. If you are single / the new person may come into your life, doubts and suspicions do not allow you to let go.


Gemini, the day needs your attention in relationships with your environment. The stress and aggressive mood you show leave no room for harmony and balance. Be careful because you may face serious crises.

Professional - Financial

Your collaborations are shaken for good as there is suspicion and a willingness to impose your views abruptly. Try to avoid tensions and controversies that will come at a cost as it is more likely if you avoid leading to permanent ruptures.

The tension that prevails in your personal life can lead to significant problems or permanent ruptures in your relationship. Try to keep your nerves as they will lead you to crucial mistakes. If you are single, it is possible that there will be new faces or returns from the past that will trouble you, but you have not really settled what you need in your personal life and this manifests itself abruptly.


Cancer, the emotional charge is high and does not allow you to function realistically. You will not hesitate to confront people you meet every day or people in the wider environment as you lose your temper and logical thinking. Take care to keep your nerves.

Professional - financial

You may be preoccupied with issues that are pending and create for you, but you should be realistic and not get lost in the emotion, negatively affecting professional developments. Creativity will benefit your collaborations and this will satisfy you.

Your psychology rises sharply when you are next to your partner as you are given the opportunity to express with passion everything you feel about it. If you are single, it is possible that there is a new person in your life who will create unique emotions with his coming.


Leo, suspicion dominates friendships and there may be controversies that will upset you. You will do well to keep your nerves as they can lead to head-on collisions for hypothetical scenarios you have in mind. Trust your intuition and creatively release the energy you have.

Professional - financial

You can take advantage of opportunities given to you at work as the environment is ideal for closing cases. There may be obstacles in terms of goals that you have, watch out for conflicts with people involved as they will be frontal and will affect you.

You can uniquely spend time with your partner and you have the opportunity to create a solid foundation for your relationship. Security will take the emotion to the next level. If you are single, a new person can come into your life that gives you a sense of stability and confidence.


Virgo, the nervousness that exists in the atmosphere can affect relationships with important people in your environment. They show competitive attitudes towards you and this frustrates and irritates you. Take care to avoid any conflicts and to release your energy creatively. 

Professional - financial

Tension prevails with your partners as you feel that they are competing with you and this irritates you a lot. Make sure you focus on your professional goals and do not get caught up in quarrels that will detune you and cause additional problems.

Communication will play an important role in the relationship as this will help you to avoid confrontations with your partner. Do not hesitate to express what you feel. If you are single, a new person is likely to come into your life, the nervousness you feel can lead to quarrels.


Libra, people from the wider environment irritate you, but be careful not to act persistently and show a strong mood of criticism that will negatively charge the atmosphere. See the optimistic side of things and do not allow negative thoughts to dominate.

Professional - financial

Use the day to close financial cases as despite all the insecurities and obsessions, luck is on your side. At the same time, however, do not enter into a process of exaggeration and expenses that will destabilize your budget as sooner or later the fears will return.

Serious discussions can arise today with your partner that will help you feel safe and stable in the relationship. If you are unattached, it is not excluded that there will be a new acquaintance through the close environment that will impress you with the maturity it shows.


Scorpio, insecurities are intense at this time and can manifest in a conflicting way in people around you as you try to impose your own wants with stubbornness, persistence and critical attitude. Avoid conflicts by dealing with creative objects that relax you. 

Professional - financial

Take the necessary initiatives at the level of collaborations that can give significant results and open a new optimistic path for your business. Conflicts over finances can be intense as selfishness prevails, but it will not help you achieve your goals. This is something you need to keep in mind.

The initiatives you can take for your relationship have a lot to offer as you look with optimism to the future for you and the person next to you. If you are single, it is possible to make new acquaintances as you impress with your sociability and positive mood.


Sagittarius, the prevailing tension will affect the relations with the family environment and it is not excluded that you will lead to fierce quarrels if you do not manage to control your nerves. Be sure to contain any possible emotional outbursts and see with maturity and composure the effects of this behavior.

Professional - financial

Conflicts with collaborators are the protagonists at this time, as it is not excluded that there may be blows below the belt that will bother you intensely. Try to avoid similar behaviors and give all your attention to developing your business plans in a positive way.

Dedicate yourself to your partner and the time you can spend with him as he will help you find your self-confidence and feel confident about your relationship. If you are single, the person from the past can return suddenly by raising the passion and sensuality.


Capricorn, everyday life is difficult as the demands are many. Try to overcome any difficulties you face and curb the irritation that will cause strong reactions and conflicts. Exercise or some kind of sport will help you to relax the intense mental potential that you have.

Professional - financial

The difficulties at work are intense as you have many obligations that can stress you out and make you irritated. Be sure to limit potential conflicts of interest as they will negatively affect trade and potential deals you want to promote.

The day with your partner will work beneficially in the relationship as you have the opportunity to have a great time forgetting any difficulties. If you are single, it is possible that there is a person in the friendly environment who comes into your life to star and win you over.


Aquarius, insecurities prevail and can lead to conflicts with people from the friendly environment. It is better to avoid them and to express what you feel directly, leaving aside any suspicions that may haunt your mind.

Professional - financial

You can take important professional steps as it is a given that you are lucky with your side and the superiors by your side. Take advantage of this situation to close pending cases that may concern you with a positive sign for you.

The common goals you set with your partner help you feel safe and secure in the relationship and give your best to the person next to you. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance from work that will bring you closer to the common perception of life.


Pisces, the day also touches on your family environment as irritability does not allow you to function rationally and maturely and can create problems with familiar faces. Be sure to check it out as the effects will be unpleasant.

Professional - Financial

Conflicts with people from the professional environment will be fierce as it shows that you do not raise a fly on your sword and you try to impose opinions and I want to in an aggressive way. It is good to remember that confrontations will not help you move forward in your plans, instead they will create additional obstacles.

Your aggressive mood negatively affects your personal life and creates intense rivalries with the person you have in your life. Try to safeguard your relationship as ruptures are not ruled out. If you are unattached / the person through the familiar friendly environment returns, your impulsiveness and moodiness do not allow you to see if you really want to re-enter your life.

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