On 10/7 the Sun-Uranus sextile will bring pleasant surprises to 6 signs

A particularly positive astrological aspect is marked this coming Sunday, July 10, and astrologers estimate that on that day and a few days after, there will be very positive developments and pleasant surprises in the lives of six lucky signs 


The astrologer Asi Biliou, on the site of asibiliou.gr, explains that the Sun from Cancer will form a favorable hexagon with the Uranus from Taurus, which will peak on 10/07/2022 in the 18th degree of these signs and will have an influence +/- 5 days. During this time we will experience pleasant changes, we will have positive developments where we do not expect them or even surprises which will be to our benefit. This hexagon creates in us the desire for more freedom and independence in our relationships and it is possible to bring revelations or sudden realizations that will help us find solutions to problems and clarify a situation. It is also possible to have some unexpected meetings with people who will make us happy, while it is possible to make new acquaintances and come into contact with unusual and eccentric people, which will help us see situations through a different lens.

Unconventional solutions and development

In general, these days we will feel attracted to everything unconventional and therefore we will prefer original and untested methods. On the other hand, it will be difficult to follow a certain routine that is imposed on us or to come to terms with a situation that limits us. It is an ideal time to promote issues related to science, technology, internet, media and astrology. So if you are involved in any of these, you will be very productive and creative these days, resulting in a proposal that will be profitable and promises you professional advancement. So this beautiful hexagon hides surprises and joys where we do not expect it and invites us to free ourselves from everything that does not help us to evolve and bring out our true selves.

But let's go and see in more detail which are the 6 signs that will have pleasant changes and surprises with this Sun-Uranus hexagon


The Sun's sextile from Cancer with the Uranus from your own sign will create the need for you to make some changes in your daily life and it is possible that some of you will organize a trip or an excursion that will help you change performances and renew . The meetings and contacts you make now will be very important, so you should keep your eyes open for people who enter your life. You'll have eye-opening conversations, you'll find solutions to issues that concern you, and above all, you'll have people around you who will help you push your ideas forward, no matter how wacky they may be.


The Sun's sextile from your own sign with the Uranus from Taurus is a pleasant aspect for you, which will create a need to escape from the routine and experiment. Although you are generally a person who loves security and routine, this hexagon will motivate you to try new paths and come into contact with eccentric and unconventional people, who will open new horizons for you and help you see the situations through a more distanced and alternative look. Your social life will be particularly favoured, and it is possible that an existing friendship or partnership will help you develop. It's important to have people around you who believe in your vision and your way of thinking, so plan your future and let go of those who hold you back.


The Sun-Uranus sextile on 10/7 is an aspect that will help you regain your optimism and positive thinking and will bring very important opportunities in your career. A partnership or new acquaintance you will make now may give you the opportunity to expand, so you should be open to suggestions and innovative ideas. You will also be given the opportunity to improve your friendships and it is possible that you will meet a person who, although he may be completely different from you, will give you the opportunity to see situations through another lens. With this hexagon, you will again find the mood and motivation to dream and plan for the future and you will have open-minded people around you who can understand and support you.


The Sun-Uranus sextile is an aspect that brings unexpected luck for you and significant opportunities for personal and professional expansion. You have the need to become independent, spread your wings and break free from situations that somehow keep you stagnant. A trip abroad, or a contact with a person who is far away, may hide a pleasant surprise for you. You will make some acquaintances that will help you change your worldview and follow a new path that can lead you to success. In fact, if you are single, a new relationship you will make now can make you look to the future with optimism again. In any case, it opens a new chapter in your life, as long as you are open to change and do not persist in situations that do not allow you to move forward.


The Sun-Uranus sextile comes to breathe new life into your relationships and bring positive developments to important partnerships. If you are single, a new romantic encounter will come from where you least expect it and will change the facts that have been valid until now in your life, while if you are already in a relationship, your partner may have a pleasant surprise in store for you. In general, excitement and excitement rule these days and you don't want to settle for a mediocre situation that limits you and holds you back. Professionally, you will be very productive these days and have original and creative ideas. A proposal for a new deal or partnership may catch you off guard, but it can have very good prospects and open up avenues you never imagined. So don't be negative towards the changes that are coming and don't stay stuck in tried and tested relationships and situations that have nothing to offer you.


The Sun-Uranus sextile will come to bring pleasant surprises for you in the love part. These days are suitable for new acquaintances, contacts and discussions with people who will excite and renew you. It is possible that some of you will fall in love at once, or that a person will make a love confession to you when you least expect it. If you are engaged, you will have a positive development in your relationship or have a conversation that will bring up new facts that will make you happy. As far as business is concerned, you will be very creative during this period and you will be given the opportunity to promote a plan you had in mind. This hexagon invites you to dare, to take risks and to go outside your safety zone, since only in this way will you be able to go one step further.