"Peri Kalikatzaron" - Poem by Thomas L. Thomas

xristougena kalikat New Famagusta

We are launching our new column today Traditional Corner with a poem by our reader Thomas L. Thomas about the "Kalikantzaros".

The gums of the goblins, they wanted to eat,
but you want them to go away.

To cure him, you have a lust,
But in another thought, my fate is gone.

Let the politicians go, their gums one by one,
since they are really crying, they lie only in lies.

Let the settlers blow to find a solution,
Every refugee, let him return.

Let the diseases flourish, upon which they are created,
especially the incurable, let the world find breath.

Let the deaths blow, which in the armies,
I'm talking about cars, mopeds.

Let the Troika go, let the crisis end,
so that the housewife can go to bed.

Let the hooligans, who make noise, blow,
that in sports, to find peace.

Let the mothers-in-law go, geniuses who are dying,
to make their faces laugh, jeans that 'n' digest them.

If we had to choose, who would be the first,
year what are my goals, above jai lalo them.

Despite all these sufferings, these people,
I'm the goodies, my friends I prefer them.

Thomas L. Thomas