10 years younger: Five modern hair colors that will make you look younger than your age

Younger women: Many women wonder how they can be renewed in their appearance.

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Younger women: Many women wonder how they can be refreshed. However, experts have gone even further. What does this mean; How with small tricks you can look younger than you really are. In more detail:

Highlights in the color of caramel: It is a great choice for browns who want an easy change that is not too extreme. For browns, adding a few highlights to the caramel color can help make the face look warmer and the expressions softer. In addition, this color makes the hair look as rich as it was a decade ago. 

5 10 Women, HAIR, colors

Golden melon: If your hair is lighter then consider dyeing it strawberry blonde or golden melon. Adding warmth to blonde shades make your skin look more youthful and have a wonderful youthful glow. All you have to keep in mind is that you should visit the hair salon every six weeks. 

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Bronde Sombre: According to celebrity colorists, making your hair brighter as women and creating contrasts is the key to looking as young as possible. Avoid colors that are monotonous and focus on brightening your face. 

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Pink champagne: Playful pastels are not just for kids. Pastel shades were very fashionable in the past years while this year millennial pink has its honor. One way to "chase" years off you is to put a little color in your hair. And when we say color we mean pastel shades. 

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Broomstick Blonde: This modern and fresh color includes a dark base and warm blonde highlights. Start with a base that is close to your natural color. Then tell your hairdresser to make blonde highlights lighter than your base so you can achieve a natural but bright look.

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