Maria Kitsou: The secret that helped her lose 14 kilos above her

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Maria Kitsou: The famous actress pays attention to her diet to keep you in good physical condition. After all, the appearance of an actor plays an important role in his work. She was careful not to gain weight, following a diet that was effective. In detail everything you need to know:

Maria Kitsou: Details of the menu and its weight

- Fluctuations in its weight: Due to a hormone therapy that she had started about two years ago, she had seen her scales go up. However, as she said on the show "To Proino" a few days ago, she had gained weight due to a treatment she was receiving, but when she stopped it, she started to return to her normal weight. She commented characteristically: "Maybe this look went a long way in Lenio, who is a villager, a peasant, dynamic, but I was not satisfied at all, I wanted my old self". And now she seems to have found him!

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- Healthy menu: To lose the weight of Maria Kitsou, all you have to do is follow a healthy diet plan rich in proteins, avoiding sugar, salt and fat. This will boost your metabolism, losing pounds and points in a relatively short time! At the same time, it is good to hydrate your body by drinking 1,5 liters of water a day.

M. Kitsou: Her diet

- Maria Kitsou - Breakfast:
Omelet with feta cheese and vegetables
To start the day tasty and filling! The combination of egg and feta protein with vegetable fiber is all it takes for extra energy!

- Snacks:
Yogurt with fruit and honey
A "smart" choice, as it allows you to change the fruit you put in the yogurt every day. So you have a different "note" in each meal, while you can add a few nuts or chia seeds.

- Noon and evening:
For the main meals, good choices are the chicken breast with a colorful salad with fresh vegetables or a fish fillet with boiled vegetables (baby carrots, zucchini and potato ".