While you sleep: The easy trick to lose weight in your sleep, with one move

As long as you sleep with the light off, your luck is working, the study below shows that you can lose weight in your sleep.

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As long as you sleep with the light off, your luck is working, the study below shows that you can lose weight in sleeping you.

Those who keep it on are at increased risk of weight gain and obesity light at bedtime, according to a new medical study.

Women who sleep with the TV on or with a light on in their room may gain weight five kilos over five years, according to the study. "The chances of gaining weight are 17%, while 22% are at risk of becoming overweight and 33% of becoming obese", notes the author of the study.

Dale Sadler at the National Institutes of Health Sciences, North Carolina. The study was based on data from 43.722 women aged 35 to 74. “The US is facing obesity epidemic, while our recommendations for dealing with the phenomenon are difficult for sufferers. No one wants to eat better and exercise more. But turning off the light is easy", says Dr. Sandler.

What should we do for better quality sleep?

New research recommends removing televisions and other technological media from the bedroom to achieve uninterrupted sleep. "As the authors of the study point out, we cannot directly link the light in the room at night to obesity. But the finding is a step in this direction, as it shows us that we must respect our sleep by creating an environment devoid of visual stimuli, such as light", says Dr. Nathaniel Watson, professor of neurology at the University of Washington in Seattle.

For his part, Professor of Chronobiology at the University of Surrey in Britain Malcolm von Sands, who was not involved in the study, says the report's conclusion makes perfect sense. “We know that late night light delays our biological clock. We also know from experiments that light at night it affects our metabolism and is capable of causing metabolic syndrome, with increased blood pressure, increased sugar and high cholesterol levels. New research data reinforces our belief that good sleep requires an absence of electronic devices and light from the bedroom if we want to avoid obesity and other diseases.", says Dr. Von Sands.


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