Angelina Jolie considered hiring a hitman to kill her

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Η Angelina Jolie he admitted that he had considered hiring one killer to kill her. The 47-year-old actress spoke openly about mental health issues that plagued her.

In the early years of her career she had suicidal tendencies and then he felt the need to turn to a professional killer to get her out of trouble.

It was only at the age of 19 that she made her first attempt suicide, according to reports. When she turned 22 she devised a plan to end her life in a way her family would understand better. So he decided to hire a professional executioner to kill her.

«It's not that hard to find him in New York. As crazy as it sounds, I think a lot of people have thought about suicide when they're young. I knew that many people close to me, like my mother, would feel that they had not given me enough if I had killed myself.", said his star Hollywood in an interview with "The Face".

«My solution to this was that if someone else took my life, such as in a supposed robbery, then someone in my family wouldn't feel bad about letting me down.", he added.

Η Jolie he went so far as to find the payee killer her, however he himself told her to think again and finally convinced her not to go ahead with her plan. "It was decent enough. He asked me if I would like to think about it and call him again after two months", he said. via: Gazzetta