Rafa Nadal won the Australian Open

Legendary Nadal, defeated Medvedev and made history with 21 Grand Slams in an epic match of 5 hours and 24 minutes!

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The biggest heart in tennis history: Rafa Nadal came back from hell 0-2 against seemingly helpless Daniel Medvedev and took a 3-2 set victory in the Australian Open final, reaching 21 Grand Slams and beating Federer-Djokovic !

It is - and always will be, in his case - the heart. Through a "whirlwind" of injuries that would have bent any other athlete in the history of the sport, he is there and shining, putting one diamond after another in his impressive crown. Quite simply because there is a heart. The one who feels the (tennis) God and not logic.

Because if logic had to happen, then Rafa Nadal would not have made history tonight: Daniel Medvedev was, before the start of the final, the most trained tennis player in the world and 2-0 in his favor after the first two sets made the Russian almost certain winner.

But almost when you play against the spirited Spanish legend is never, but never enough - and this was understood in the hardest way by Daniel today when he saw the Australian Open mug turn around, I say Rafa, of course, his back.

And yet, at the start of the glorious final, things seemed more than favorable for last year's US Open winner: Medvedev entered the court in a tremendous mood, easily achieving two breaks, serving as a robot in his own games and not long in coming. 1-0 in 42 minutes.