The story of the unbeliever Thomas and his horrible death

He risked his life distributing countless gold to the poor of India

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The Apostle Thomas was the only disciple of Christ who did not see him after Resurrection. Which was an important factor in his later characterization as "infidel". It was the rest Apostles who told him the events of the Resurrection of their Lord, which he could not believe if he did not see with his own eyes and catch with his hands the wounds of Jesus from the nails of the cross in his hands and the spear of the Roman soldier at his side.

Although he left without a second thought the profession of fisherman and his life in order to follow him and was one of the most daring and ardent supporters of Jesus, with him, as mentioned in the Gospel of John, urging both his Master to return in Judea, as well as his disciples following him and dying with him - the other disciples of Jesus were trying to persuade him not to do so because his life would be in danger - the specific attitude after the Resurrection of Christ, would say no one that was not what was expected.

Eight days, then, after the Resurrection Christ appeared again before his disciples, urging Thomas to take his wounds with his hands, if only then he would be convinced. With a bowed head, Thomas humbly answered "You are my Lord and my God", and Christ on his part answered him "Because you saw me and believed me?" Blessed are those who believe, without seeing me. "

The charities and the donations of countless gold by the Apostle

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After the Resurrection of Christ, the Apostle Thomas was the disciple who undertook to spread the word of the Lord in the depths of Asia, Persia and India. Thus, as a servant - he was presented as a capable builder - now of the Hindu Ambani envoy to Jerusalem of King Gundiaforos in search of a very capable builder to create a magnificent palace, he began his journey to India.

During the journey, the Apostle did not miss any opportunity, starting the effort to proselytize and spread the word of his Lord to the people he met in the various places through which they passed.

Arriving in India he presented himself before King Gundiaforo, who asked him if he could undertake the work and build an impressive palace. Thomas, of course, answered in the affirmative and the king left the elaboration of the work, the duration of which had been set for three years. He, in fact, during the construction of the palace would leave the country, would not supervise the works at all, while he would leave orders to provide the builder, as much gold as needed in order to complete the construction.

Thomas, however, never started building the palace. Instead, he donated all the gold the king provided to the poor of India, while he continued to preach the word of the Lord to the pagans and baptize hundreds of them. Christians. Meanwhile, the unsuspecting king could not wait to see his new and glorious palace up close.

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When the latter was informed of the fact that no palace had been erected by the Apostle, he imprisoned him in a rage in a dark pit, although Thomas continued to assure him that he would complete his work. Not, however, for an earthly palace, but for a palace in heaven, a position in which he had already secured it with the charities he did with his gold.

In no case could the king, who was also a pagan, understand what the Apostle was telling him. According to tradition, he was finally released after the intervention of the spirit of his dead brother, who assured him that there really was a place for him in heaven.

So Thomas baptized him himself king Gundiaforo but also its rulers, while there were many people who imitated their steps, coming to the faith and Christianity.

The continuation of his work and his martyrdom

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Putting a bow for another city India, the Apostle was confronted with barbaric pagans, deeply disrespectful. With a lot of patience he managed to baptize them Christians, while there were many times when they began to pay homage to him and express their gratitude. Among those baptized were Migdonia, the wife of King Misdi, and Tertiani, the wife of the lord Harasios, who, in fact, decided to follow an ascetic way of life, even inside the palace.

Both the king and the lord were furious with Thomas, who, according to them, was urging their wives to stay away from their husbands, and so they (again) ordered his imprisonment.

There in his dark cell, and after he opened it with prayer, several believers visited him to support him, but also to support their faith. During the night, Thomas also baptized the son and daughter of King Misidi, Oasani and Tertia. By the time the king came to check that the "magician", as he was called, was in his place, everyone around him had left knowing full well that he would never be seen again, as the king would order his death - as and he did.

To avoid the revolt of the newly baptized Christians - the Apostle had managed to become especially dear to the inhabitants of the city - the king ordered his soldiers to take Thomas away from the city and execute him there.

The Apostle Thomas died a horrible death in the city of Maliapur, also known as Saint Thomas, in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent, when four spears pierced his body. His death is placed around 72 AD, while his memory is celebrated by the Orthodox Church on October 6.