Nothing to do with what we believed until today: They made the portrait of Jesus and there was an outpouring of reactions

The image that most of us have in our minds about Jesus Christ is that from Byzantine icons, as well as from the form

kamia schesi me ayto poy pisteyame mechri simera eftiaxan to portreto toy iisoy ki egine chamos apo antidraseis Jesus Christ

The image most of us have in our minds about him Jesus Christ it is the one from the Byzantine icons, as well as the figure of Robert Powell from the timeless film "Jesus of Nazareth" by Franco Zeffirelli.

However, the truth is that no one knows exactly what Jesus looked like, since his outward appearance is not described in the Scriptures. In fact, there is a reason for this: Since for Christianity, the external characteristics of man, by extension, neither of the God-man, are of any importance.

Of course, in the scriptures there are some elements about Jesus, which could be used in his portrayal.

606 Jesus Christ

These are what the page used History in Pictures on Facebook and with the help of technology created a photo, in which the face of Christ is depicted.

Specifically, with help of artificial intelligence and by combining traditional iconography with information about Jesus' nationality, the era and the region in which he lived, a "portrait" of Jesus Christ was created.

Most modern historians believe that Jesus, who was born in Bethlehem, an area near Jerusalem in the Middle East, was a man with dark skin tones and distinctive facial features.

However, modern depictions of Jesus, which are influenced by the Roman expression of Jesus Christ, often show him as a white man with a straight hair. As you will see in the photos below the face of Jesus Christ is very different from what we had in mind.


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