Facebook: Promotes teleworking as a permanent job model

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Facebook will permanently adopt the teleworking model even after the lifting of the lockdown imposed by the coronavirus epidemic, said Mark Zuckerberg, accelerating the decentralization of the company by Silicon Valley.
Zuckerberg explained that the world's largest social networking site will start "aggressively hiring for teleworking" in July and expects about half of its employees to work away from Facebook's offices for the next 5 to 10 years.

The company will adopt a "more measured approach" with existing employees based on their work and previous efficiency and set January 1, 2021 as the deadline for employees to declare their new headquarters.

Facebook is the first major technology company to take such a big step toward teleworking and is trying to reshape its work culture in the post-coronation era.

Earlier this month, Twitter and the payment company Square, led by Jack Dorsey, announced that they would allow telework indefinitely.

But Facebook, a much larger company with nearly 50.000 employees, went a step further by introducing a new structure for teleworking. Its decision is expected to have an impact in the San Francisco area, where the rapid growth of the technology sector has caused problems in regional infrastructure.

Facebook, which has already announced plans to hire 10.000 engineers and production workers this year, will also build new "hubs" in Atlanta, Dallas and Denver, where home-based workers can meet. when needed.

Zuckerberg, however, stressed that the company would keep all its offices, noting that the particularly high wages paid to Silicon Valley workers would not apply in other areas, but would depend on the cost of living.

Internal polls have shown that about 60% of Facebook employees would prefer to have a more flexible approach to work, combining teleworking with office work, Zuckerberg explained.

Source: philenews