Because wireless internet is called Wi-Fi

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One of the most common words we use every day is wireless internet or Wi-Fi. But what does Wi-Fi really mean and why is it called that?

Phil Belanger, a founding member of the Wi-Fi Alliance, was involved in the process of choosing the name for "Wi-Fi". So he himself confirmed that these two words mean absolutely nothing! The members of the company actually hired Interbrand to create a name and logo for their wireless technology on the Internet, ending up with "Wi-Fi".

But, in fact, this term did not make sense and did not mean anything, so they had to connect it with a meaning in order to remain in the memory of consumers. This is how the idea that Wi-Fi is connected to the concept of "Wireless Fidelity" came to be. But this is a myth.

Fidelity means fidelity, "fi" has nothing to do with "fidelity", it is just a "word" from the old hi-fi, which we used for audio systems, chosen for commercial purposes. Belanger himself has admitted that these words mean absolutely nothing, revealing that they were chosen because somewhere he had to refer to Wi-Fi, which is not even an acronym.