Ways to make money from home

How do people who work from their place earn a living

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No, the magic links that promise money boats with just a few clicks have not worked and will never work.

On the occasion of the unprecedented we live in our days, however, when more and more of us are locked in our homes due to coronavirus, it is always helpful and comforting to know that you can actually make money from the internet.

Not in magical ways, but with work! THE online work, work is after all and like any professional position in the world requires skills, abilities and supplies.

With a whirlwind, few have succeeded. For everyone else, a few thousand people who are their own boss and make a profit from their online presence, that is, it is a full time job. With all that entails.

And it is now clear how to live from it internet it is no longer an illusory dream. It is enough to have something to offer to the world public. Or in your country, alas. And of course to have the time and patience, since like everything else we do professionally, it takes time to bear fruit.

With these limitations in mind, if you are locked in the house and looking for a way to increase your income but do not know how to get started, here are some realistic ideas to think about…

Make a blog

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If you have a blog or a site in your hands, and many have nowadays, the affiliate marketing strategy works richly. What is affiliate marketing? Collaborating with brands and companies that have to do with the type of content you upload to your site.

So every time you talk about a product or service, you put a link to the product / service through your collaboration with the third company. How do you make money? Every time someone buys it product through your own link, you get your paycheck.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, who owns the Making Sense of Sense website, makes over $ 100.000 a month through affiliate marketing. For a company to work with you, it is not only a matter of website traffic, but also the reliability of your content.

If you already have a site or blog, or a large audience to follow you on social media anyway, you can make money through ads and paid posts. Companies today pay bloggers and influencers well to promote their products and the thing here is as simple as it sounds.

Even better, you do not even need a website. Despite a good audience following you on your social media account.

Consultant agency

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A good way to make money online is by providing consulting services in your field. If you are an expert in your work, whatever the job, then there is definitely an audience that would pay to make use of your know-how, either personally or professionally.

Even if you think you are not that important for consulting large companies, you will be impressed by what things people are willing to pay you for.

A great example here is Robert Farrington, who had one blog (College Investo) and advised people for free. At one point he was approached by a number of companies asking for advice on social media and online marketing.

Courage is needed here and good knowledge in the field you want to become a consultant…

Online courses

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If you have a skill that you feel you can teach others, online lessons is for you. Such courses are now provided for everything, really for everything, which shows that people pay to acquire new skills.

From cooking and gardening to marketing and how to become a master at what you think. Do you have anything you can teach? Teach it! You will find a lot of platforms for such courses out there…


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Podcasts do not need recommendations nowadays. What needs to be clarified perhaps is how rich rewards they can bring to the person who makes them. Recorded digital broadcasts are essentially what you download to your computer and listen to. That is, as voice articles.

And podcasts have long attracted the attention of advertisers, as many rush to advertise or sponsor such efforts. One microphone, a recording program and an internet connection you need. But also something interesting of course that concerns the world. If you "say it", you will soon find an audience and sponsors.

There is no profit ceiling here. John Lee Dumas of the successful Entrepreneur On Fire podcast tells us that he now makes over $ 400.000 a month. Podcasts are now becoming popular in the Greek blogosphere, leaving a lot of room for success. It's enough to have something to say…

Book sales

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Gone are the days when aspiring writers took their toil and ran from publisher to publisher irreversibly. Now you can completely bypass the entire circuit of publishing and distribution and complete the publishing and marketing of a book exclusively online.

You will even find Greek companies that allow you to upload it on the internet book and print it, then upload it to e-commerce platforms so people can buy it.

All you need is a computer and a copywriter, but also a small chapter on publishing. Small though.

Even easier is the ebook, which does not even need printing. Only upload to a relevant platform.

Freelance copywriter

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If you are good at words and creative talent, then a whole world of online content is waiting to pay you. And here we are talking about a stable source of income, not extras. A job that nowadays has its honor, talking about the right momentum.

Success stories that have sprung from freelance corywriting have virtually no end. Copywriting services for websites and social media are needed innumerable now and those who do well, like blogger Holly Johnson, make as much as $ 200.000 a year.

Online seminars

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What do you know about webinars? It's an amazing strategy to promote and advertise your talents, knowledge, product or service. With webinars you get essentially free tips and ideas, usually in real time, expecting someone to buy what you sell.

Sounds overdone, but it works just fine. The highly successful here Grant Baldwin, a public speaking teacher, provides free webinars on what he knows and does not know. And at the end of each session he talks about the lessons he takes, promoting his books and podcasts.

Baldwin earns six-figure numbers a year and tells us that no matter what you sell, it is not difficult to set up a webinar and attract an audience through Facebook, for example. Jamba is, after all. You will even find a webinar on how to do your first webinar!


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YouTube is another platform that has made it not only possible, but also possible to make money online. Infinite channels out there have a good audience and a good audience always means money.

The topics vary and there is no rule for the content. That is, there is no rule for anything else. One of the most successful YouTuber, Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style, was a Navy officer!

Forbes tells us that its best players YouTube earn over $ 10 million a year.

Will you make so much? Probably not, but you can start by getting started and getting serious. As long as you like making videos…

There are countless ways today to make a living from the internet and we have mentioned only a few. It takes time and passion to get started, but also know-how in a field. Or imagination that compensates for the gaps.

The success stories here come to us by the hundreds. So if you are looking for inspiration to get started…