Police advice on protecting children from the dangers of the internet

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The police are giving advice to minimize the risks that may arise from the use of the internet, especially for the vulnerable group of children, proposing a series of measures.

"The use of the internet, modern 'smart' mobile phones and all interactive technologies is now part of our daily lives. However, the internet also hides risks, since several offenses are committed through cyberspace, either through the use of social media and e-mails, or through various websites, "the statement said.

Particularly vulnerable to these risks, he added, are children, for whom prevention and advice on how to increase their critical ability to "surf" the Internet are very important factors in avoiding risks.

In this context, the Police cites basic measures, which, if taken, can minimize the risks that may arise from the use of the internet.

Specifically, he states that parents should consider the following prevention measures:
To teach their children that what they read or see on the internet is not always true and to encourage them to ask if they have any doubts.

Let their children know that when something seems strange to them on the internet, they should tell them. Their name should never reveal their personal details or be erotic.

It should also be noted that children should be aware that if someone starts asking them erotic questions on the Internet or asking them for confidential information, then they should stop communicating with him and inform their parents. It is also important to be aware of the dangers of web cameras.

He also urges parents to always connect to the Internet with their children when they are under 14 years old.

It is better, he says, for computers to be located in common areas in the home and not in the children's bedroom, so that the required control can be exercised by you. The measure makes the minor user of the PC to feel that he is not free and uncontrollable.

Finally, he says parents need to be aware that when children use communication tools such as chat rooms, e-mail and instant messaging such as msn messenger, they run the risk of communicating with an online corruptor.

Additional measures that can be taken by parents are the addition of acceptable "sites" to the list of favorites to create a personal online environment for their children.

It also encourages them to monitor their child's online activity using advanced online software. Parental control can help filter out dangerous content, record the places your child visits, and learn what's going on there, he adds.

He also says that they can use software that excludes annoying pop-ups, to protect their children in this way, as well as to apply email filters.

It is also reported that the Police have the Office for Combating Cybercrime, whose role is to prevent and combat cybercrime, as well as to inform the public about the dangers posed by the use of the internet and the protection of children in particular.

The Office for Combating Cybercrime is available to the public on a daily basis, including weekends and holidays, the statement said.