And officially one charger for all devices in the EU from 2024

No more hassle with cables, one for all #CNNgrTech


This means that 2024, a door USB-C will become obligatory for a whole series electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and headphones.

It will no longer be necessary buy a different charger every time someone gets a new mobile phone or similar device: everything will be able to be recharged using the same charger.

Having a common charger will facilitate consumers and significantly reduce e-waste.

The new rules

The new rules will make the charging port mandatory USB-C for a whole range of electronic devices. This means that most devices will be able to be charged using the same charger. To help consumers know exactly what they are buying, the directive introduces an icon identifying whether a new device comes with a charger and a label indicating charging performance.

The directive also allows consumers to choose whether they will buy a new device with or without a charger. This will not only save consumers money, but also reduce e-waste associated with the manufacture, transport and disposal of chargers. Four years after the entry into force of the Directive, the Commission will assess whether this separation of sales should be made mandatory.

Although it is becoming more popular, wireless charging is not yet harmonized across all devices. To enable this technology to become available for more devices, the Commission will work on the harmonization of wireless charging for electronic devices and interoperability based on technological developments.

The categories of devices

The new rules will apply to a wide range of mobile devices:

  • mobile phones
  • tablets and e-readers
  • digital cameras and video game consoles
  • headphones and portable speakers
  • wireless mice and keyboards;
  • portable navigation systems

In addition, all the laptops will also be covered by them new rules 40 months after the entry into force of the directive.


The 2020, EU consumers bought around 420 million electronic devices and, on average, have three chargers to charge these electronic devices – of which they regularly use two. However, 38% of consumers report that faced problems with charging the devices because no compatible charger was available.

To address these issues, on 23 September 2021 the European Commission presented a proposal for a common charger.

At January 26 2022, less than six months after the start of negotiations in the Council, Member States unanimously agreed on the Council's position on the Common Charger Directive.

At June 7 2022, the Council and the European Parliament reached a provisional agreement on the Common Charger Directive, which was approved by the representatives of the EU Member States on 29 June 2022.