Elena Kremlidou: She spoke publicly about the pink videos - "My first thought was to jump from the fourth"

He has already addressed the Cybercrime Prosecution

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On her personal YouTube channel, Elena Kremlidou posted a video in which she talked about pink video which are circulating and is said to star. "In all three videos circulating saying it's me, it's not me. Even if I was this girl, I should be ashamed that I do something that everyone does, that I do something personal and not the one who brought it out; » Elena Kremlidou initially wondered.

"Let's take the possibility that I am this girl, all of you who see them are satisfied with a video of a girl who did not want this video to be in your hands? I am still running with persecution and I have filed lawsuits for photos that are me. When they sent me the first photo, which I had forgotten existed, because it is so old… »Said then the Elena Kremlidou.

Elena Kremlidou: My first thought was to jump from the fourth

"When they threatened me to send them another photo, because otherwise it would circulate everywhere, the first thing I felt was shame, a numbness, my first thought was to jump from the fourth. I'm so glad I did not do it because it was so much easier then. The Elena I was then was another Elena, not so dynamic and definitely without the confidence I have now ", said Elena Kremlidou.


via: Newsbeast