Stathis Panagiotopoulos: He has not deleted the pink videos, he just changed his profile name

What the lawyer Apostolos Lytras said

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There are developments in the case of Stathis Panagiotopoulos as, according to the lawyer Apostolos Lytras, he has not deleted the pink videos, he just changed his profile name.

"There is a third video and he made an additional deposit. It has been posted by him. The new feature is that he changed his profile name, did not delete his account. When I realized that, I also fell from the clouds. That's what happened this week. A complaint was made and we noticed that he had changed the name he was using. For this to happen, you have to have passwords, no third party can do it "said the lawyer to Super Katerina.

"I think a prudent person would do the first thing to delete them all. Many things have come to my notice, some of which I do not assess as criminal, but human. Criminally nothing changes. The offense is to post, not to have a profile. The website is illegal, he does not maintain it, he participates " he added.

Concluding, Apostolos Lytras focused on the difficulty of removing these videos from the internet.