Oscar 2022: Will Will Smith lose the golden statuette? - The Academy started research

How much will the slap cost Chris Rock

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Reactions and a huge debate has sparked it slap given by Will Smith to Chris Rock at their ceremony Oscar 2022 and as many people turn against the actor's move, they think that the golden statuette should be removed.

So far, the Academy has not commented on this possibility, according to dailymail.co.uk, but it has officially condemned Will Smith's reaction, while announcing that a relevant investigation has been launched.

According to the British publication, there will be "official information about what emerges from the investigation", while the Academy is divided into those who claim that Smith did not violate any restriction, while others believe that his attitude harms what he achieved in USA the #MeToo movement.

It is recalled that this is not the first time that Smith has gathered publicity because he hit someone, as in the past had slapped a reporter who was more diffuse than he expected.

via: Newsbeast