"I had two days of life!" confessed Elias Mamalakis & it shocks!

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The well-known chef spoke to the magazine "Well" and, among other things, made a revelation about a health problem he had.

"I can say that I have lived more than two lives. If you take into account that due to some blows, I went through hell by chance, was reborn and lived, it is an experience. 

The most serious was the hematoma on the skull, which I had two days of life. It happened from a fall. I was going to take a dip from a yacht, I slipped and instead of going forward, I went back.

I knocked and after a few days I started to have dark spots, increased consciousness, while they were talking to me normally, I was listening very loudly and I had a tendency to sleep.

I went, I did an axial and they found it, so within two days I had surgery and I saved her. I had an angel. The brain is protected by 5 layers between the skull, the 5th one was broken. The doctor had given me two days to live " revealed the famous chef.