Vasiliki Hatziadamou is photographed with her children

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Tips, secrets, laughter, hugs, tensions, phone calls in the middle of the night… Seven famous women are photographed with their mothers or children and celebrate Mother's Day, a lifelong bond of love.

By Tonia Stavrinou
Editing - Styling: Shona Muir - George Chrysostomou

STALO MARKIDOU, designer of clothes and accessories

"Love without terms and conditions. This is motherhood. Protection, care, patience, joy… When you have a baby you make a 180 degree turn and now you live for someone else, someone who is always above yourself and lives at the top of your priorities. For me, her birth was love. And since then we are stickers! I believe that we have a great responsibility towards our children. Being a parent is a very serious job. I want my daughter to learn to behave the way she wants to be treated. And to chase her dreams, whatever they are, with all her being.

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"Words cannot describe motherhood. It is an emotion that captivates you. It is the meaning of selfless love, tireless care, absolute support. Our common moments, big and small, are the most valuable we share with Orpheus. He generally likes to look back at what we experienced and describes it as short stories. If only one of our tips would follow, I would like it to be the one his father gave him when he was just one year old: "I am no better than anyone and no one is better than me". They repeat it every now and then so that none of us forgets it ".

Hair: Andreas Christodoulou. Makeup: View of Chrysostom
Marilene wears a Marks & Spencer dress, a handmade crochet cardigan from a personal collection, Stradivarius shoes / Orpheus wears a Marks & Spencer shirt and Bermuda shorts

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KONSTANTIA DIMITRIADOU, PR & Media expert CAL Creative Communication

"It all starts and ends here, in motherhood. I have not experienced anything more shocking. Nothing in the world takes my breath away like Alexandros and Kassandra Ariadne. Nothing surprises me as much as they do, nothing can compare to being a mom, to living "the absolute". My daughter is connected by our outrageously extreme reactions, our excessive sensitivity and our unbridled dynamism, all in one. If only one piece of advice would follow me, I would like it to be this: to live her life unnecessarily, to follow her dreams to the end and to love and be loved with passion ".

Makeup: Savvas Savva, Hair: Miele. Tory Burch dress from The World of Ozz.
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VASILIKI ANASTASIADOU, Minister of Transport, Communications and Works

Vassiliki: "An open tender embrace, a cool caress on a warm childish forehead, a nod encouraging before the big test, a look of approval after the success, the absolute understanding of each problem, the sweet, irreplaceable unique, ours mother… This is the meaning of the word mother ".
Virtue: "The power and the boundless love that supports the whole family. This is motherhood. Beyond our DNA, our dynamism and our sensibilities connect us. Also, we are always the first to have fun with song and dance! "
Vassiliki: "We share common values: hard work if you want to have results, consistency in everything, grace and understanding in our fellow human beings, humor and self-sarcasm, love and devotion to family."
Virtue: When I was little, my father was often absent on business trips and we both have unforgettable memories with my mother on various trips and excursions, in mountains and beaches. "Ever since I became a mother, I have been trying to offer similar sweet memories to my own child."
Vassiliki: "She knows that I love and admire her, but the obvious must be said where and when."

Vassiliki wears clothes from her personal collection. Areti is wearing a Max Mara top and skirt. Nefeli is wearing a Marks & Spencer top and skirt.
Hair: Andreas Christodoulou. Makeup: View of Chrysostom.

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DESPO DRAGOUMI, co-owner of Lalika Boutique

Win: "For me, the word mother means everything. First of all it includes affection, tenderness and all the positive emotions that a word can contain. For better or worse, these are the models we have and each generation finds its own model, evolving the previous one ".
Despo: "The mother is a protector. It is always there. I was always next to her, the archer, but I wanted her to always be down to earth, so that her mind would not be blown. I was not the mom who encourages with constant applause. But she knows how much I admire her. "
Win: "It simply came to our notice then. She was always my girlfriend, my sister, everything a woman can be for another. We always made small plans and went on our own little getaways. Some things we take for granted but it is important to say. I know my mom would turn the world upside down for me. He will moan a little. But he will do it. "

Hair: John Paphitis Makeup: Chrysostom View
Niki wears a Dolce & Gabbana dress, Kult Boutique, Stalo Markides earrings.
Despo wears top Dolce & Gabbana, Kult Boutique, Stalo Markides earrings.

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VASILIKI HATZIADAMOU, presenter-radio producer

"Every moment with them has its uniqueness, uniqueness and importance! I love the moments when we have the opportunity to chat about various topics, that we relax watching a movie together, listening to music, painting or cooking, the phases where we will sleep in each other's arms, the group embraces but also those moments when we will disagree or cry about something . Everything has love as a common denominator. And all I want from them is for them to grow up and become good and happy people! "

Vasiliki is wearing clothes from Turquoise
Makeup: Amalia Zannettou
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SOTIA VASILEIA DIMITRIOU, Reservation Executive Radisson Blu

Annita: The word mother contains everything. He brings life to the world and loves with unconditional and unadulterated love. Every moment with my mother is unique, but if I can single out one single moment it was definitely the pre-election period. We fought the battle together, it was my support, my strength, everything!
Rooms: The moments I remember and reminisce with her are countless. The mother-daughter relationship can never be limited to one moment. What we share beyond common DNA is certainly common principles and common values. Mutual understanding and unlimited love.
Annita: We look a lot alike on the outside. If you see us side by side you will be confused who is the mother and who is the daughter.
Rooms: If only one piece of my advice would follow, I would like her to continue to respect the people who trusted her and also to keep smiling because she gives her and she gives me life.

Annita wears clothes from a personal collection
Sotia is wearing Mindy clothes
Makeup: Amalia Zannettou
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