The (instagram) ruined village and its legendary history (PHOTO)

Well-photographed and not unjustly

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Well-photographed and not unjustly. A little of its idyllic location, a little of the legendary history that accompanies it, make the ruined village of Agios Sozomenos a place that attracts more and more visitors.

A few minutes outside Nicosia and the development is the village of Agios Sozomenos. The village is built on the banks of Alykos, a tributary of Gialias, is located about 13 km. in the southeast of Nicosia and about 5 km. northeast of Dali. The river Gialias flows along the eastern borders of the village.

The village of Agios Sozomenos, is abandoned and desolate since 1964 and a large area today falls into the Dead Zone. After the start of the "riots", on the night of the 20th to the 21st of December 1963, in this mixed village of the province of Nicosia, some of the first clashes outside the capital will take place, as reported in the press on the 23rd of December.

Within the ruins, unique stories are preserved that attract the visitor to study more things about the area. The gothic church of Agios Mamas is probably the trademark of the place.

The church was built by Catherine Cornaro during the first period of Frankish rule. There are two other churches in the area.

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The first is dedicated to Saint Mamas.

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The third church is on the cave and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is called the Virgin of Agios Sozomenos and celebrates November 21.

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The village was probably named after Saint Sozomenos, one of the 300 foreign saints who practiced asceticism in Cyprus. According to Leontios Macheiras, Saint Sozomenos came and practiced asceticism in the neighboring village, Potamia (Macheiras, 32). Near the village there is a cave, in which, according to tradition, Saint Sozomenos was buried.

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