Coronavirus: Express test will diagnose in just two hours

AP 20042452705112 Novacyt, coronavirus detection, coronavirus, express test

An express test that allows the detection of the new coronavirus Covid-19 in less than two hours announced the development of the French-British biotechnology company Novacyt.

The test is by far the fastest of any competitor, which takes from six hours to a day.

The company's shares rose almost 400%, as the spread of the new virus, in addition to being a global threat according to the World Health Organization, continues to be a business opportunity for companies that have run a speed race to develop a diagnostic test. antiviral drugs and vaccines.

The Novacyt test - which will be produced in Britain - has not yet been approved for release, but the company hopes to get the "green light" from the European Union next week, according to Reuters, which cites RES- EIA.

At the same time, it has submitted a corresponding request for urgent approval to the competent US regulatory authority, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The new test focuses on a smaller DNA sequence than other tests, in order to detect its genetic "signature" Covid-19.

According to Novacyt - which did not disclose how much money was invested in the development of the test - this is not only faster but also cheaper, as it can be used on various diagnostic equipment platforms on the market.

Novacyt has already received orders for 33.000 tests and requests for another 32.000 from at least 30 countries.

Along with Novacyt, other companies (Thermo Fisher Scientific, GenScript Biotech, Co-Diagnostics, Roche, Abbot Laboratories, etc.) are developing or have already developed relevant tests and are competing for approval.