"Get out of here, go home!": He made a joke to his Cretan grandmother that he has a coronavirus and knelt Tik Tok

The video on TikTok where a man jokes to his Cretan grandmother that he has caught a coronavirus has gone viral.

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The video on TikTok where a man jokes to his Cretan grandmother that he has caught a coronavirus has gone viral.

An adorable grandmother from Crete went viral on social media with her epic reaction when her unprosecuted grandson jokes that she has Covid-19.

As shown in video prank which was uploaded to the popular social networking site TikTok and immediately went viral, the young man arrives at his grandmother's house in Crete and enters without wearing a mask.

He tells her that he has a fever that reaches 39 but also that he is positive for the coronavirus.

Terrified, his grandmother tells her grandson to leave the house in a strong tone. And she tells him that if she and her grandfather get stuck, they will die.

"Grandma, pull it, Grandpa called us to play coltsina"

The young man, however, not only does not pay attention to his grandmother's blaming, but even yells at his grandfather to play cards together.

"Go home, mother, if we get sick we will dieContinues the grandmother, with her grandson continuing to videotape them for a while voices grandmas.

The video was uploaded to TikTok and went viral immediately, with users laughing at their granddaughter's prank on her grandmother.

"You're going to drive Grandma crazy, demon!" Someone commented with humor about the naughty young man.

"Pull, shout at grandpa! - What do you want him for? Let's play koltsina! ” writes another, laughing.

"Oh, mother of misfortune, what are you doing to her! The giagoula is perfect! ” wrote another commenter.

"Come on baby my sweet is scared !!! enjoy it!" commented another user.

"Do not grieve the poor woman and she is so sweet!" advised another commenter.

"Go to your mother!" says another with humor.

"You will send the grandmother before her time," commented another.

“Take the sweet! I was moved! Always be well! ” wished another commenter.

"We also want videos when you tell her the truth… And to hug her and kiss her!" asked another user.

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