Scary research: Middle-aged people do not even get up from the chair after the coronavirus

Impossible to get up from their chair, most of those who have "passed" coronavirus even without treatment, if they have passed 50

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It is impossible for most of those who have "passed" coronavirus to get up even from their chair, even without hospitalization, if they have passed 50…

This finding led to an extensive study of approximately 24.000 patients in Canada, where middle-aged and older coronary artery disease patients, whether confirmed, probable, or suspected, were almost twice as likely to be affected by mobility and their physical condition, compared to their peers who did not pass COVID-19. This is even though most of the study participants had mild or moderate illness and did not need hospitalization.

The researchers asked participants to rate their mobility after the onset of COVID-19, and to rate their difficulty in getting up from a chair, climbing a pile of stairs without assistance, and walking to the next two or three buildings. squares in their neighborhood.

According to the study published in the journal JAMA, one in four participants (25,2%) noticed a decrease in their ability to exercise with 5,7% of them experiencing a much worse deterioration in their mobility. 8,9% of the participants reported a decrease in their ability to move even inside the house, with 1,4% of them being at their maximum deterioration and an 8,6% observed a decrease in the ability to work at home, with 1,6 , XNUMX% to record the maximum deterioration.

These results, relating to the period after the first lockdown of 2020, were compared with the results of the initial study on aging in the Canadian population and according to them 3.639 participants or 15,2% reported new difficulty getting up from the chair, 2489 participants or 10,4% reported new difficulty walking and descending the ladder without assistance and 2656 participants (11,1%) reported new difficulty walking up to the next 2-3 blocks of the neighborhood.

The deterioration from COVID-19

Compared to people who were not infected with coronavirus, those who exceeded the probable or confirmed COVID-19 were almost 2 times more likely to report a deterioration in their ability to work at home with the chances of being increased from 1,11 - 3,22 times, respectively a deterioration in their participation in physical activity by 1,32-2,76 times more .

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The situation was similar with those suspected of having passed COVID - 19, as they were also twice as likely to report a deterioration in the ability to move around the house (from 2,01-2,63 times), to participate in activities at home (from 1,82-2,41 times) and participate in physical activity (from 1,61-1,97 times) compared to people without COVID-19.

The researchers also evaluated additional variables related to living conditions and made adjustments, where they again found corresponding mobility difficulties, with problems getting up from the chair increasing from 1,06 to 5,11 times more, for them who have passed confirmed or possible COVID - 19, and between 1,37 - 2,1 times more for those with suspected COVID-19.

Respectively, people with suspicion COVID-19 they were also more likely to have a worsening of difficulty climbing a ladder by 1,55 to 2,44 times and walking 2-3 blocks by 1,45-2,22 times.

Source: edaily