Ayia Napa: Ready to support reactivation of tourism industry

bc222eefad037c7c8fea4426a397e7b5 Mayor of Ayia Napa, Nea Famagusta, tourism industry, Christos Zannettou

Ayia Napa is ready to support the reactivation of the tourism industry in the region, while contributing to the restart of the national economy, Agia Napa Mayor Christos Zannettou told KYPE.

The mayor also said that "as part of the government's precautionary measures to restart the economy, Ayia Napa is ready to respond to and implement to the fullest extent possible the protection of both visitors and employees in the municipality." At the same time, there will be rapid training and educational seminars for the staff so that everyone knows the requirements and the measures that should be applied ".

Among other things, "a list of companies that will operate will be posted on all websites of the Municipality, printed information material will be distributed on the planned health measures for protection against the coronavirus, there will be frequent checks on sidewalks, parks and playgrounds for faithful implementation of protection and prevention measures, planned and systematic disinfection in public places, while all events of any kind will be evaluated ".

Answering a relevant question, Mr. Zannettou said that "the beaches of the Municipality will be ready to serve the public as soon as possible by implementing the operating protocol as announced and required by the state and the health authorities. The website will inform about the availability of sunbeds on the beaches, since Ayia Napa is a multidimensional destination with various and unique beauties ", he said and noted that" this year is a challenge and invitation for everyone to enjoy it ".

To another question he answered that "at this time there is a modest optimism for the tourist activity, since no one can predict the developments for the rest of 2020, in case the tourist market opens for the coming autumn and winter and expansion for the summer of 2021. The development of the tourism industry will depend, as always, on external factors and especially on whether the traditional tourism markets, namely England and Russia, which constitute about 80% of the tourism industry, will be able to recover.

Mr. Zannettou also said that "all tourism agencies are waiting for the proposals and protocols for the reopening of Cyprus airports and the operation of all businesses. However, in case tourism finally reaches Cyprus, the appropriate measures should be taken so that visitors feel safe, such as the proper treatment of any tourism business and the creation of protocols for all types of tourism businesses to operate. even with restrictions. "

Regarding the precautionary supervision of the beaches, the Mayor of Ayia Napa said that "since May 4, each beach has been staffed with a lifeguard in order to monitor and enforce the Decrees and for the safety of visitors who will swim in the sea. Informative signs, disinfection areas and reference points have also been placed and we call on the people to abide by the Decrees and to cooperate with the staff of the Municipality ".

Mr. Zannettu called on "entrepreneurs to adopt the hygiene rules provided under the Decrees of the competent Ministries to deal with the non-spread of the coronavirus." In this context, the Municipality of Ayia Napa will provide a "Clean & Safe" certificate that will be given by a simple online submission of a Declaration of Commitment "he said and added that" there will be no preliminary checks for the implementation of the protocols, but on-site inspections will follow. various establishments / companies, which have received the relevant certificate ".

He added that "with the main goal of restarting the tourism industry, we are planning actions and actions for the next day that will ensure the complete preparation of the Municipality of Ayia Napa for the rest of the tourist season, after the lifting of measures. With an upgraded tourist product and the timeless effort we make to attract tourists from various markets, Ayia Napa expects to be the first preferred tourist destination again. "

Also, the Municipality of Ayia Napa "within the measures of its potential, will undertake any targeted initiative imposed, with the aim of restoring tourism, always in cooperation with local agencies and other factors in the field of tourism. Among these initiatives is the re-promotion and promotion of the tourist product on social media based on the new data and the promotion of the tourist product of Ayia Napa, not only in traditional markets, but also in domestic tourism through a new special and separate approach ".

Asked about domestic tourism, Mr. Zannettou said that "there is timeless support from the Cypriots in Ayia Napa and this is a great honor for us, while at the same time it is an occasion for both the Municipality and the entrepreneurs to make every effort so that those who visit area to feel safe, welcome and welcome. This period marks a great challenge for everyone, it is a new daily routine and there are significant changes in everyone's plans and plans. "

Source: sigmalive