Tourism industry: It showed strong reflexes in a difficult year

What do the latest data of the Statistical Service of Cyprus show?

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Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic on several levels, the evidence so far shows that for this year tourist season the data were clearly better, both in terms of revenue of the sector and in terms of arrivals. This conclusion emerges from the latest data of the Statistical Service of Cyprus, where it appears that for the period January-November 2021, tourist arrivals amounted to 1.840.003, compared to 621.927 in the corresponding period of 2020. This translates into an increase of the order of 195,9% and a decrease of 52,4%, compared to the period January-November 2019 (3.866.447 arrivals).

From the first months of the year, the competent bodies had set as their goal the reorganization of the tourism sector with the least losses. Therefore, it is clear that the goal has been achieved quite satisfactorily. It is recalled that the World Tourism Organization estimated that global tourist arrivals in 2021 will range between 35% and 45%, compared to 2019. This assessment took into account the rapidly changing situation of the pandemic, the restrictions that existed around the world, but also the travel instructions of many countries. In the case of Cyprus, the competent tourism bodies had stressed from the beginning that 2022 will be a year of recovery of the local tourism industry. They characterized it as a transitional period, as a bridge, so that the tourism sector of the country can proceed in a course of normalization. "Complete recovery of the sector is specified in 2024, based on the positions of the World Tourism Organization", Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios had also mentioned characteristically during his recent press conference.

An important aspect for the satisfactory course of tourism for this year is the fact that for the period January-September 2021, revenues amounted to 1 billion euros, compared to 299 million euros in the corresponding period of 2020 (250% increase) and 2,23 billion euros in the period January-September 2019 (decrease of 53 %).

Parallel, the data also show that for the period January - September 2021 and compared to the same period of 2019, the monthly percentage reductions in tourist revenues were smaller than the corresponding reductions in arrivals, which indicates an increased average cost of travelers in 2021. In total, during the first nine months of 2021, the average cost of tourists who visited Cyprus is estimated at around 804 euros per traveler, compared to 685 euros per traveler in January - September 2019, thus recording an increase of about 17%.

«The competition is fierce "

Regarding the expectations for the new tourist year, the general manager of PASYXE Filokypros Rousounidis told "P" that it is difficult to make estimates, however he indicated that there is a restrained optimism regarding the new tourist season, based on the messages. which they receive, but everything, he said, also depends on the course of the health crisis. Mr. Rousounidis reiterated that there are serious shortcomings in terms of vacancies in the tourism sector, which are estimated at about five thousand. However, he pointed out that the problem is not only Cypriot but pan-European. "That's why we need urgent procedures, where there are needs, so that we are able to proceed with the recruitment of foreign labor," said the general manager of PASYXE. Mr. Rousounidis connected in 2022 with the fierce competition that will exist from our other neighboring countries, something that will certainly be a challenge for the next tourist seasons.

"From our meetings so far at pan-European level, through exhibitions and conferences, it is clear that Cyprus has established a good name in terms of pandemic management. We radiate a sense of security towards travelers and we must preserve this in the new year as well. ", concluded.