Not all sirens will sound on the black anniversary of the Turkish invasion

Announcement from the Municipality of Deryneia - Deryneia, Avgorou and Acheritos react

sirinies Nea Famagusta, Civil Defense

The Civil Defense in today's announcement informs that on Monday, July 20, 2020, at 5.30 am, at the beginning of the Turkish invasion of 1974, the sirens will sound symbolically. The siren system, as mentioned, is twenty years old and is normally maintained.

Nevertheless, as stated in the announcement, a small number of sirens will not sound, for reasons related to the resumption of the maintenance program after the pandemic.

The existing system consists of 175 sirens to warn the population about a threatened natural disaster, technological disaster or hostile action. The siren network has the ability to emit beeps or voice messages.

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It is recalled that on July 15, the day of the black anniversary of the treacherous coup, the sirens did not sound in the Municipality of Deryneia and in the Communities of Acheritos and Avgoros, a fact that provoked reactions from citizens, political parties and local authorities.

Today, in an announcement, the Municipality of Deryneia informs that the Mayor, Andros G. Karagiannis, after the letter dated 10.7.2020 sent by the Civil Defense in which the Municipality was informed that the sirens will not sound on the 15th and 20.7.2020 days coup d'etat and the Turkish invasion, due to work in the system and the discussion of the issue in the Municipal Council last Wednesday 15.7.2020, he contacted the Civil Defense by phone and was assured that it would be humanly possible for the sirens to sound normally on Monday 20.7.2020 and time 5:30 p.m.