Deadly nursing home in Deryneia: Welfare Office sent warning letters (video)

IMG 1055 scaled Nursing Home, Deryneia, Nea Famagusta, dead

A 66-year-old man died tragically after a fire that broke out in the "Elpida" nursing home in Deryneia.

According to the Police, the fire broke out shortly before 10 pm.

The fire service was immediately notified, members of which rushed to the scene with strong forces and extinguished the fire a little later.

Tragic account, the death of the 66-year-old man who was a resident of the nursing home. He was transferred to the G.N. Famagusta with multiple burns which cost him his life.

In addition, another 20 people were transported to another area, after the evacuation of the building, while some of them suffered burns and for precautionary reasons were transported to the hospital. The above people were given first aid and a little later they were discharged.

From the first estimates, it seems that the fire was caused by a lit cigarette, however the fire service will investigate the case in the first light of day.

The Director of the Social Welfare Office, Maria Kyrarzi, speaking on the show "Mera Mesimeri" clarified that "the roofs of the elderly and the disabled are inspected by our Services, but in this case they are private companies. If any negligence arises, this is being investigated by the Police, which is already conducting the necessary investigations ".

He noted that "in roofs, as in this one, when there are issues, the necessary conditions are given and the procedure is followed. To say that in the context of this procedure, permits have also been removed from the roofs of the elderly ".

Also, Mrs. Kyratzi revealed that warning letters were sent to the specific nursing home and there was no compliance.

"Whenever, he continued, at this stage, on the basis of the letters that have been sent in the context of the inspections and the investigation pursued by the Police, the necessary conclusion will be made to see what exactly has happened."

Asked if smoking is allowed in nursing homes, Ms. Kyratzi replied that in relation to this issue "indoors it is not allowed, this is a rule and law, of course it is known that in many situations depending on the conditions in the homes of the elderly such situations are sought. ».

Source: ant1iwo