Famagusta District: Another 4 young people are wanted for car theft

This is a spiral that according to the Police has recently committed more than 70 thefts from cars and burglaries

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Regarding the case of 70 car thefts in the Famagusta District, the arrested person appeared before the Famagusta District Court where he was extradited. detention order for 6 days. Others have been published 4 arrest warrants which are expected to be executed today (29/1).

This is a spiral of young people, who in the last month have committed more than 70 thefts from cars and 2 burglaries and thefts from homes in the Free Province of Famagusta. The cases are being investigated by a special investigative team set up for this purpose.

It is recalled that a 19-year-old resident of the province of Famagusta, confessed to 70 car thefts and was arrested yesterday (28/1) to facilitate investigations.

These are cases committed in recent months in Municipalities and communities of the province of Famagusta, for the treatment of which a special Investigation team was set up by the Police Directorate.

As part of the investigation of the cases, a testimony was obtained against the 19-year-old, on the basis of which an arrest warrant was obtained against him. At noon yesterday, the 19-year-old was arrested on a warrant and remanded in custody to facilitate investigations.

During interrogation, he allegedly confessed to committing 70 thefts from cars, as well as two burglaries and thefts.

The investigation of the cases was undertaken by the special investigative team of ADE Famagusta.