Province of Famagusta: Two more packages of drugs washed up in the sea

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Two more packages with drugs found yesterday by the Police on a beach in the free province Famagusta after a coordinated operation by the Force.

As reported by the Cyprus News Agency, Christos Andreou, Police spokesperson, "in the last ten days in the area of ​​the free province of Famagusta, in various locations have been identified enough pieces in which they were packed narcotic substances and specifically cannabis».

He added that "yesterday, Sunday, January 1, a coordinated Police operation was carried out throughout the coastal area of the free province of Famagusta to locate and of other drug packages. During the operation they were detected two packages, which were received as evidence".

Mr. Andreou explained that "these are large quantities of drugs and tests are being carried out by the Police to see exactly what happened, or if possibly someone or someone threw these pieces into the sea to get rid of them and they are washed up on the beaches of the free province of Famagusta" .

As mentioned in previous report by Famagusta.News, from December 20th until the 30th of the month washed up on the beaches of the free province of Famagusta over 28 kilos of cannabis.

Only on Friday 30 December were they spotted on a beach in the area three kilos of hemp which were received by the Police.

Famagusta.News with information from KYPE