Effervescence for the imprisonment of the 35-year-old in Frenaros

frenaros, Nea Famagusta, 35-year-old prisoner

"But our Antonis, one of our best children, should be imprisoned for that reason? Injustice and great pity. Something needs to be done as soon as possible. " The news that one of the best children in the community, 35-year-old Antonis Antoniou, was sentenced to 45 days in prison by the Court for disobeying the decree on trafficking after 9 pm, caused social unrest in Frenaros early yesterday morning. the measures for the coronaio. The news that Antoniou was imprisoned for this reason came as a surprise, as he is considered by his fellow villagers and friends to be an exceptional character and a person of mild tones.

Characteristic of the love and appreciation of the Frenarites for Antonis' family, was the massive presence of many residents in his paternal home, not just to support but to do something practical, something to help. "We will do what can be done, it will not stay that way," said community leader Michalis Hatzigiorkas, who was at the family home early in the morning. One after another, fellow villagers, friends and relatives began calling. Some to MPs (of all parties), others to people to the Prosecutor's Office and the President, to get the matter to the President and the Prosecutor. "For God's sake, get Antonis out as soon as possible, he won't be able to stand this new ordeal."

Somewhere in the community, some of his friends tell us about the difficult life, which was never given to him, that Antonis had. His father is considered in Frenaros but also by the Police, as a hero and an example of altruism towards his fellow man. In 1994, performing the duties of a lifeguard, he risked and saved a British tourist from certain drowning. However, he lost his life, leaving behind a wife and two small children. Antonis and his younger sister. A few years ago, with suffering and hard work, he managed to set up a small business of his own, with a friend, with a clientele up to Deryneia and other neighboring villages. A small giraffe. "It simply came to our notice then. It was his good way. Everyone in the village loves Antonis ", his friends say and say again.

His mother breaks down and repeats that "her son does not have a girlfriend and it was very unfair what was said and written by the media." "My son lived in Paralimni with his girlfriend, with whom he intends to marry. He had just graduated from high school. And tired, he would go home to Paralimni to sleep. "

Antonis Antoniou's friends and relatives are bitterly complaining about what happened that night when the police reported the 35-year-old. And especially that from the conversation he had with them, as he claims, he did not realize that he was going to be denounced. These issues have already been forwarded to the competent authorities since yesterday.

A window of hope

The Legal Service, in consultation with the President of the Republic, is examining the possibility of intervening in the issue of imposing a 45-day prison sentence on the 35-year-old, who was found guilty of violating the measures to reduce the spread of pandemic. This was stated yesterday by Attorney General Costas Clerides, who was asked to comment on the reactions that took place in this matter and was asked about the possibility of his intervention.

The lawyer of the Association for the Protection of the Rights of Prisoners and Detainees, Alexandros Clerides, said in his statements that "unfortunately we have not yet received the text of the decision so we can comment with absolute certainty, but at a time when there is an attempt to decongest prisons actions such as the appointment of an adhoc committee to solve the problem, it is worrying to observe such news. "

Source: philenews