Michalis Hatzigiorkas: He announced his candidacy for the vice-mayorship of Frenaros

Michalis Hatzigiorkas has announced his candidacy for vice-mayor of Frenaros

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The current community leader Michalis Hatzigiorkas has announced his candidacy for the position of Deputy Mayor of Frenaros.

Such is the announcement

Dear Citizens of Frenaros,

For a number of years I have been on the front lines serving as President of our Community Council. I know firsthand the problems and potential of our Community, which with the reform of the local government is evolving into a municipal district of the new municipality of Paralimni - Deryneia - Frenaros - Vrysoullon/Acherito. A huge challenge for which the experience, ability and partnerships I have achieved during my tenure are essential.
Based on the above and fully aware of my responsibility and duty to all of you, I officially announce my Independent candidacy for the position of Deputy Mayor Frenaros.
– A position which is a field of action for the implementation of the reform and requires the continuous presence and daily management of the challenges for its implementation.

– A position that requires dedication and under no circumstances can it be part-time or part-time.
In the 7 years of my tenure I worked hard devoting all my time to the implementation of my program. With dedication and a sense of responsibility towards all the citizens of Frenaros, we achieved a lot. With prudent management and collegiality, today we have a municipal district with remarkable economic performance, cultural initiatives and an enviable standard of living for all our citizens.

Local government elections are not a field of party confrontations. This is the election in which all you citizens of Frenaro are called upon to choose the candidate who expresses your expectations and not the one who emerged from party dealing. Throughout my tenure I have always been by your side, with the door of my office open in the building of our Community Council, present in all community decisions.

Today I am asking for your vote to continue as Deputy Mayor of Frenaro with a vision and program to continue together to upgrade our quality of life and to continue our successful course towards progress and development.
I am grateful for the support and encouragement I have received from you and I look forward to discussing in person the new challenges and opportunities that are being created for our local community, our organized groups, the business community and the citizens of Frenar.

I extend an open invitation to you to be fellow travelers in this effort, beyond party sympathies and preferences.

Together we achieved a lot, Together we can claim more,

Michalis Hatzigiorkas
President of the Frenaros City Council / candidate for the Deputy Mayor of Frenaros