The multi-talented Theodora sang Konstantinos Argyros and moved (VIDEO)

14-year-old Theodora sang in the Protoselido show, accompanied by her teacher Koulla Kyriazi

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14-year-old Theodora Koutsou from Frenaros sang in the program Protoselido of SIGMA, accompanied by her teacher Koulla Kyriazi.

Theodora mentioned that she really likes singing as well as other activities she does in her spare time such as swimming, instrumental and rhythmic gymnastics.

Theodora's teacher, Koulla Kyriazi said that Theodora is a very happy person. "She transmits her positive energy in the classroom. She gives love to whoever is near her. I am very lucky to have her. She is open to you teaching her everything, we have our own way of communicating. We slowly learn a little song with the goal of saying it as clearly as possible."

Theodora revealed that her favorite singer is Konstantinos Argyros to whom she also sent her own message.

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