Famagusta General Hospital: A total of 17 patients with coronary heart disease

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Image File, Famagusta General Hospital, © Famagusta.News

A total of 17 patients, cases of coronavirus, are currently being treated at the General Hospital of Famagusta, which operates as a Rehabilitation Hospital.

According to information from KYPE, an elderly man who was diagnosed with coronavirus and was treated at Larnaca General Hospital, a person who was in self-restraint in Nicosia and a person who was hospitalized in Famagusta Hospital, were taken to the Rehabilitation Hospital yesterday.

Four people are being treated in the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital for closer monitoring, while one person may be discharged tonight, as the results of the second coronavirus test are awaited.

In addition, the Infectious Diseases Unit, which is housed in the General Hospital of Famagusta, has been strengthened with a specific machine, which directly tracks and examines samples taken from patients, without having to send them to the Institute of Genetics and Neurology in Nicosia.

The machine has already been installed, but some details remain to be set in order to be put into operation.

It is noted that since yesterday morning the Reference Hospital has been staffed with an intensive care unit and there are now three pulmonologists, a psychologist and two supporters, an infectious disease specialist and an additional physician since the Pathological Clinic of the Hospital already has 4 physicians.

Source: sigmalive