Famagusta General Hospital: Hourly workers go on 24-hour strike

The hourly employees of the Famagusta General Hospital go on a 24-hour strike

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The hourly employees of the Famagusta General Hospital are going on a 24-hour strike, as stated in a joint announcement by PASYEK-PEO and OEKDY-SEK.

As noted, among other things, at today's general meeting of the sector, it was decided that the strike will take place next Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

This announcement:

"Today, February 21, 2024, a general assembly of the branch of hourly staff working at the Famagusta General Hospital was held with the aim of discussing and deciding on dynamic measures after the ineffective discussions and efforts with the Organization and the large time credit that has been given.

The continuous upgrading of the services provided to the citizens by OKYpY as well as the building expansions of the Public Hospitals in most cases without the hiring of additional staff, on the one hand burden the workers with an unbearable burden and on the other hand hundreds of days of leave have been accumulated in everyone's portion. The serious shortages in hourly staff, the unacceptably passive attitude of OKYpY despite our warnings and the huge delay in completing the staffing study led the workers to today's unanimous decision to take dynamic measures.

Unfortunately, the responsible attitude of the Guilds and the good mood they have shown in recent years has been perceived by OKYPY as a weakness. Therefore, next Tuesday, February 27, 2024, all the hourly staff working at the Famagusta General Hospital will join their voices with the workers at the Larnaca Hospital and will work together for the common goal which is none other than the correct staffing of the Public Hospitals.

Finally, the timeless position of both Trade Unions remains the upgrading of quality health services to citizens, always in combination with the humane and safe working conditions that should prevail in the year 2024."