The Province of Ammochosto commemorated the anniversary of the National Liberation Struggle of EOKA

The Government was represented by the Minister of Agriculture Marias Panagiotou

Screenshot 6 Solemn Doxologies, MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE

With Solemn Doxologies from the Holy Temples of the province of Famagusta, the celebrations for the anniversary of April 1, 1955-59 began yesterday in Municipalities and Communities.

In the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Maria Panagiotou, the solemn doxology was held in the morning, in the Metropolitan Church of Agios Georgios Paralimni, head of the Metropolitan of Famagusta.

Sotira was the focus of the events of the province of Famagusta for the Anniversary of the National Liberation Struggle.

At 10:00 the Solemn Doxology was chanted in the Holy Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior. The celebratory speech of the day was delivered by the Assistant Principal XNUMX, Philologist of the Gymnasium - Lyceum of Peace and Freedom, Deryneia - Sotiras, Mrs. Ivi Hatjikonstantis. This was followed by Trisagio and the laying of wreaths at the Monument to the Fallen and Missing Saviors.

Screenshot 6 Solemn Doxologies, MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE Screenshot 7 Solemn Doxologies, MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE

The celebrations culminated with the Famagusta Provincial Parade at 11:00, along Archbishop Makarios III Avenue. The greeting of the parade was received by the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, Dr. Maria Panagiotou, the Mayor of Sotira, Mr. Georgios Takkas, the Metropolitan of Constantia and Famagusta, Mr. Vasilios, Archimandrite Georgios Ioannou, Members of Parliament of Famagusta, the Mayor of Paralimni, Municipal Councilors of Famagusta, Paralimni, Deryneia and Sotira, representatives of parliamentary parties, the Church, the National Guards, Police, Directors and Teachers of Famagusta District Schools and other officials.

Screenshot 5 Solemn Doxologies, MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE

The parade was attended by educational institutions, organized ensembles, unions and bands from the entire province of Famagusta. The flags of the Municipalities of Famagusta, Sotiras, Paralimni, Agia Napa and Deryneia participated. The Gymnasium - Lyceum of Peace and Freedom of Deryneia - Sotiras, the Sotiras 112st, XNUMXnd and XNUMXrd Primary Schools, the Symphonic Band "Harmonia" of the Municipality of Paralimni, the Sotiras Catechetical Synagogues, the Sotiras Municipal Choir, the Municipal Dance Club Sotira, the Catechetical Schools of Agios Georgios, Agia Varvara and Agios Dimitrios of Paralimni, the Catechetical School of "Panagia" Deryneia, the XNUMXth System of Sea Scouts of Deryneia, , THE Photiakos Frenaros - Cultural Club of Frenaros Fotiakos, the Church of Panagia Agia Napa together with the Cultural Departments of the Municipality of Agia Napa and the Kindergarten "I Vivotos". Finally, the parade ended with the passage of the military-style section, the Sotiras Commando Reserve Club.