LIOPETRI: This is how they celebrated the anniversary of the Liberation Struggle of EOKA 1955-59 (VIDEO)

The events honoring the heroes of the Struggle by the Band of Nationalist Associations of Liopetri "I Do Not Forget" in a video

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The Band of Nationalist Associations of Liopetri writes "I do not forget":

"Whoever does not want to die for his homeland, only gains life, but loses his honor."
With the fire from your candle, we lit our torches and walked to your statue.
With our eyes down and the blue and whites waving proudly, we sang our National Anthem for you.
We walked to the village that you loved so much and gave your life for its freedom.
When the bells rang in the morning, we made our cross and went to church for you.
We did not forget you Modeste.
We did not want you to wait for us and not come.
And when we shouted "Cyprus is Greek", we did it for you.
And when we performed our pieces in your statue, we had in your heart your valor.
We are too young for you Modeste.
And that was our big thank you.