Spanos: "EOKA has nothing to do with illegalities against T / C"

What does his written announcement say?


"EOKA has nothing to do with the illegalities against Turkish Cypriots that took place after 1959. EOKA and the militants ended their activities in March 1959, the day the Leader (Georgios Grivas Digenis) left for Athens," he said. at KYPE, the President of the EOKA Fighters Associations 1955-59, Giannis Spanos, was invited to comment on the news from the occupied territories that the "association of families of martyrs and disabled veterans" filed a lawsuit with the "police" against members of EOKA, as reported in broadcast on e / k channel (Omega) are said to have admitted that they killed 68 T / k in 1964.

Mr. Spanos stated that "therefore it is unfair to get involved in such stories and above all in anything of the post-revolutionary era, in which party politicians and their followers had the main say."

Also invited by KYPE to comment on the same issue, the President of the Council of Historical Memory of the EOKA 1955-1959 Struggle, Andreas Maimaridis states that "these two people, who advertise that they made this immuno-creation, have no place in the ranks of its fighters. EOKA ".

These events, he adds, took place in December 1963 and January 1964. "They may have been former members of EOKA, but in this period of inter-communal unrest, if they committed these crimes, they are reprehensible murderers."

Mr. Maimaridis also states that he himself had the defense battalion of Naples, Nicosia, which was a mixed district of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot and did not allow "even a single Turkish Cypriot to be bothered. It is not the work of the EOKA fighters, these were the work of other psychosyntheses ".

These people, he continues, can not exhibit a struggle, which was universally admired for its conduct and its honesty and using the name of EOKA to humiliate him in this way. "It's indescribable and unthinkable. The EOKA struggle was an honest, pure liberation struggle. Nothing more nothing less. A purely anti-colonial liberation struggle. " He achieved what he achieved, he gave a Government and independence to Cyprus after 800 years of slavery, concluded Mr. Maimaridis.

In addition, a statement by the EOKA Fighters' Associations 1955-59, signed by Giannis Spanos, states that "they unequivocally state that EOKA and the fighters of the liberation struggle did not turn against Turkish Cypriots or commit executions by Turkish Cypriots and clarify that , ordered the avoidance of attacks against Turkish Cypriots ".

The same written statement added that if after the struggle anyone got involved in illegalities "it is not the responsibility of the Organization, whose Leader ordered the closure of action in March 1959 and no one has the right to involve it in activities of the post-revolutionary period".

Source: KYPE