LIOPETRI: How does the Ministry of Health respond to the reactions of relatives for delay in information (VIDEO)

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The reactions of the relatives of the students who attend the Day Care Center, Apostolos Pavlou in free Famagusta, commented on the show Mesimeri kai Kati, the NA Officer of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Olga Kalakouta.


Dr. Kalakuta said that, "when the first cases were confirmed, a doctor from Famagusta Hospital, after contacting the Directorate of the Ministry of Health, evaluated all the residents of the Shelter and at the same time the staff".

He added that with the completion of the process, they were informed late last night about the results and the roof management was fully informed. "The cases were informed before the doctor contacted the Director of the Shelter and I understand that there may have been a delay of 1-2 hours from the time the email was sent last night."

Finally he said that it is important to react quickly.


Source: Sigmalive