MUNICIPALITY OF LYSIS: Panagiotis Mallis transferred his house to the occupied Lysi to the Municipality (PICTURES)

The Mayor presented to Mr. Mallis as a symbolic gift the book, "Solution… as I lived you"

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The Mayor of Lysis Andreas Kaouris accompanied by the Board. Charalambos Roussi visited last Saturday Mr. Panagiotis Mallis on the occasion of the completion of the transfer donation of his house to the occupied Solution in the Municipality.

Expressing the grateful thanks and congratulations of the Municipal Council and all the Citizens of our occupied city for his kind and brave gesture, Andreas Kaouris stressed the great importance of the Donation and how much it strengthens the efforts of the Municipality in various ways to keep the flame of return returns.

He also referred to the work of the Panagiotis and Ellis Mallis Foundation "The Virgin of Lysis" and his great contributions to the world of Solution and society at large. for the implementation of the decision - donation of Mr. Mallis.

Apparently excited, Mr. Mallis referred to his decision to donate his house to the Municipality, emphasizing that people leave at some point while the Municipality and Lysi never die.

The Municipality has the opportunity when we return to Lysi to use the house, which is built on a plot with an area of ​​2050 sq.m., housing its Municipal Library and with the desire / order in the rest of the space to build a Retirement Home for the elderly and especially our needy fellow villagers.

"It was my duty, debt and obligation", Mr. Mallis emphasized, "to offer to my hometown the best good I had, my house in Lysi for the community and my fellow villagers".

The meeting was also attended by Mr. Sophocles F. Sophocles who together with Mrs. Irinoula Sophocles helped in the implementation of the Donation with their valuable interventions. Also present was the new President of the Panagiotis Foundation and Ellis Mallis "The Virgin of the Solution", Angela Laperta.

The Mayor presented to Mr. Mallis as a symbolic gift the book of Charalambos Kkaras "Lysis… as I lived you" published by the Municipality of Lysis.

The Municipality of Lysis also warmly thanks Mrs. Roula Malli who lifted all the weight of the Management of the late Elli Malli, in whose name the ½ share of the house was registered.

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