Odyssey the sewer Kokkinochorion - Construction began in 2010 but the project "climbed"

Nea Famagusta

Thousands of residents of the area of ​​Kokkinochoria have been suffering for several years and are paying for the emptying of their sewers, without the short-term operation of the sewer system, the construction of which began in 2010.

The project, which was scaled after successive appeals by tenderers regarding the wastewater treatment plant, when completed will serve the Municipalities of Sotira and Deryneia, as well as the communities of Xylotympos, Achna, Ormidia, Avgorou, Xylofagou, Agios Georgios, Agios Georgios and George.

The mayor of Deryneia, Andros Karagiannis, when asked by "F", stressed the need to clear the landscape as soon as possible, so that the construction of the biological station can begin, which is already quite late. It is worth noting that at this time the tender (announced in 2013) for the wastewater treatment plant has not been awarded, which is due to an appeal by the Procurement Review Authority (AAP) against a Court decision, which had ruled that the decision suffered in which it ruled that the company NEMESIS (which submitted the lowest bid for the construction of the Achna Biological Station) did not fall into a "professional misconduct" by admitting Savvas Vergas and Eftychios Malikkidis, something which he admitted before Kakourgio.

Meanwhile, of the four companies that submitted a bid, one of them claims to be the only one whose bid is legal and asks to be awarded it. In fact, it indicates that its offer is 22% lower than the estimate of the Department of Water Development, which is responsible for the assignment and implementation and monitoring of the project. On the other hand, officials consider that although the offer may be lower than the estimate, it is much higher than the other companies that had submitted a bid. The company NEMESIS submitted the lowest bid (€ 44,3 million), while the bid of the company CYBARCO was € 45,8 million and the company WTE was € 55,9 million.

It is noted that the Department of Water Development had suggested canceling the tender and re-announcing it, in order to put it on a new footing. The suggestion of the Department of Water Development met with reactions and now the decision of the Administrative Court is awaited, although some parties believe that the Tender Review Authority could proceed with the award of the tender.

The director of the Water Development Department, Andreas Manolis, told "F" that while a court case is pending, the Department can not do anything.

By the year 2030 the project is expected to serve 64.619 inhabitants. One of the contracts includes the joint Wastewater Treatment Plant with a capacity of 10.926 cubic meters per day, which will serve the entire complex and will be constructed within the administrative boundaries of the community of Achna, northeast of the Achna Dam, as well as the pumping stations, the storage tank water, the central treatment system for treated water and the sludge treatment system.

The announcement of bids for the construction of the Processing Station was expected to take place in mid-2011 and was expected to be completed in early 2013. It was finally announced on 16/7/2013 with the prospect of completion within 30 months, but the bid has not yet been awarded.

The history of the wreck of the offer

As for the wider project of the Kokkinochoria sewer, its pipelines will extend at a distance of 313 kilometers.
- The tender for the sewage station was announced on 16/7/2013.
- On 28/3/2014, the three-member Intra-departmental Evaluation Committee recommended the award of the contract to the consortium "CYBARCO LTD - SK EUROMARKET LTD - MEKEL LTD - AQWISE JV".
- The Tender Board, in a meeting of 16/4/2014, decided as requested by the Evaluation Committee to prepare and submit a Supplementary Evaluation Report.
- On 10/6/2014, the Evaluation Committee submitted the Supplementary Evaluation Report to the director of the WDD (Contracting Authority). In its Supplementary Report, the Evaluation Committee again recommended the award of the contract to the CYBARCO consortium. In the session of the day. 20/6/2014, the Tender Council approved the recommendation of the Evaluation Committee for the award of the tender to the CYBARCO consortium.
- The German company WTE and the company NEMESIS (which was the lowest but was excluded for professional misconduct) submitted against the above decision to the Tender Review Authority (AAP).
- The AAP with a decision of the majority (3-2) days. 9/1/2015, accepted the appeal of NEMESIS and canceled the award of the offer to the CYBARCO consortium.
- The Attorney General, with a reply letter of the day. 26/3/2015 stated that it is up to the Contracting Authority (WDC) to decide to what extent these constitute a serious professional misconduct (decimation of SAPA employees) which may lead to the exclusion of the economic entities in question.
- On 28/4/2015, the Tender Council sent to the company NEMESIS and to the consortium N.I.M.E.M.E. JV (Miltiadis Neophytou et al.) Letters in which he asked them to submit in writing their positions on the issue of committing a serious professional misconduct by the companies / their consortium.
- On 22/5/2015 the Tender Board after taking into account the answers of the two bidders, decided to reject the bids of a) NEMESIS and b) consortium N.I.M.E.M.E. JV.
- Furthermore, the Tender Council decided to re-award the tender (TAY10 / 2013) to the CYBARCO consortium.
- Appeals against the above decision were registered in the Tender Review Authority which were accepted by a decision of the majority of AAP members (Loizou Kappa, Giorgos Anastasiou and Solonos Papatheocharous) by which it annulled the decision of the Contracting Authority. 18/6/2015.
- On 28/2/2017, the decision of the Administrative Court was issued, by which the decision of AAP was annulled. 5/11/2015 for the acceptance of the appeals 26/2015 and 28/2015 due to the participation in the decision of the member of AAP Loizos Kappas that was considered irregular.
- On 13/11/2017, AAP annulled the decision of the Contracting Authority by which the tender was awarded to the company NEMESIS. The AAP considered that any decision followed the decision of the majority of the AAP on 5/11/2015 is dragged into cancellation.
- On 28/11/2017 the validity of the offer as well as a corresponding guarantee of the CYBARCO consortium were not renewed with the result that the said consortium was put out of tender.
- On 22/12/2017, the company WTE requested from TAY to review and award the tender to it.