Mayor of Paralimni for water sports: "The Court acquitted the Municipality, me personally and the members of the committee"

What does Theodoros Pyrillis say about the decree against the process of announcing bids for water sports and its annulment by the Court - "But with transparent procedures and not etsitelika.

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The annulment of the court decree issued last week to end the bidding procedures for water sports on the beaches of Protaras was announced through his social media account by the Mayor of Paralimni, while expressing his satisfaction for the justification, as he states, of the Municipality, itself and the Tender Committee.

This is the announcement of the Mayor of Paralimni, Theodoros Pyrillis:

“The tender committee of the Municipality, announced PUBLIC offers for the provision of services (watersports) in the Beaches of the Municipality. Existing beach managers protested. They complain that, in the bids, there should have been provision that the bidders must have 5 years of experience in the SPECIFIC area in order to be entitled to submit a bid, as provided in a relevant regulation (and not a law) of the Parliament. The Attorney General stated that such a provision is contrary to the Cypriot Legislations and the European Acquis and should not have been included in the offers because he made them photographic, ie only the specific ones could bid. They also complain that the decision of the Municipality to move the watersports to the edges of the beaches and not in the middle of the beaches and on the sand, had to be changed.

The Municipality applying literally 1) The Circular of the Central Beach Committee 2) The opinion of the Attorney General 3) The opinion of the lawyer of the Central Beach Committee and 4) The opinion of the legal advisor of the Municipality 5) The positions and views of the Audit Service to the Minister of Interior, did not include in the offers a provision to photograph the existing managers.

The existing beach managers appealed to the Court and obtained a decree that prevents the Municipality from proceeding with the bidding process.

Yesterday at noon, the District Court of Famagusta, CANCELED the above issued decree issued in favor of the managers of water sports and justified the Municipality of Paralimni, me personally and the other members of the committee, against whom the verdict was against.

The bidding process will continue normally. With all due respect to the right of anyone to participate in public offerings. With all respect to the free process that intends the inflow of most revenues for the Municipality, provided that the criteria set in the offers for security, experience and so on are met.

Existing administrators can, if they wish (and are encouraged) to participate in these transparent processes. I will be happy if through public and transparent procedures the offers are awarded to anyone, including existing managers. With transparent procedures, however, and not in a hurry. Because the beaches of the Municipality are not for anyone.