Marina Paralimniou: The last touches are coming

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The process of environmental approval and urban planning authorization of the Paralimni marina is progressing next Tuesday, with the examination by the Environmental Authority and the Environmental Impact Assessment Committee of the Environmental Impact Assessment Study (MEEP) for its master plan (Master Spatial Plan). project in Protaras.

The Paralimni marina, which will be declared the official entry point of the Republic, will have a capacity of 300 boats and will include residential and commercial developments. The cost of the project will amount to € 110 million and the funds come entirely from Cypriot investors, PMV Maritime Holdings Limited, while agreements have already been reached for the commercial use of the premises, as well as contacts abroad regarding the purchase of residential units. since the pre-sales of the residential facilities will result in additional income for the project. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed around mid-2021 and the second in 2023.

The Paralimni marina will have 300 boat docks, with all the necessary support services, such as electricity and water supply, garbage area, fuel, reception area for boat and crew owners, yacht club, boat lifting ramp, special equipment store Police, customs and foreign service and immigration, as it will be an official entry point to the Republic of Cyprus.

The marina will also have shops, cafes, bars and restaurants and will have 123 apartments and four villas, a beach park and paths leading to Protaras beaches.

The marina is proposed to be built within an area of ​​4,5 hectares in the area of ​​Pernera, which includes the sea part of the area "Louma", which borders the fishing shelter in Agia Triada. Its value doubled in five years and while in 2013, based on the values ​​of the Department of Land Registry, it amounted to € 7 million, in 2018 it jumped to € 14,5 million.

It is noted that based on the agreement for the concession of land and sea state space, in the company PMV Maritime Holdings Ltd, the contract was made with a long-term license to use the premises for 125 years for a total amount of € 8,2 million.
The environmental study that will be presented next Tuesday, has been prepared by the company IACO Environmental & Water Consultants Ltd, on behalf of PMV Maritime Holdings Ltd.

The main purpose of the proposed project is to create a marina of high standards, with safe and easy access and navigation by yachts, combined with high quality facilities and services, so as to attract visitors to the area throughout the year.

The natural bay, also known as "Gulf of Luma", has been identified as the ideal location for the development of Marina Paralimni and the adjacent land has been allocated for development. The project area, located between Sirinas Bay and the Golden Coast Hotel, covers an area of ​​29.000 sq.m. and fits harmoniously between a) an area of ​​13.000 sq.m. to the west which will be preserved as a natural park (public green space) and b) the picturesque fishing shelter Pernera to the south.

With residential and commercial developments

The Paralimni marina is a mixed use development which - according to the researchers - successfully combines a triptych of basic functions, the marina as a primary function, with residential and commercial development, something that is not only aimed at owners of pleasure boats, but also attraction for visitors to the area.

The main design features of the Paralimni marina project include the following: 300 berths, a marina administration building, a yacht club with 24 guest suites, six residential building complexes with 119 apartments, which include commercial and other ancillary uses, such as two cafes. shops and four restaurants, customs and port building, fuel refueling area, four mansions, podium, beach promenade, seaside park (public green space) and space station ing 535 seats, of which 427 underground and 108 above ground.

Port infrastructure projects

The main port infrastructure projects required for the development of the marina include the following:

• Landscaping with terrain (6.200 sq.m.) with the aim of developing the land and at the same time placing the Marina at a greater depth.
• Construction of a new external breakwater for the protection of the port of Marina (40.384 sq.m.) and the fishing shelter.
• Reconstruction of the entrance of the fishing shelter with the aim of delimiting the different uses.
• Create a new access channel.
• Construction of a floating dock for mooring boats and access to the sea front.
• Construction of a dock for Customs and Coast Guard facilities, as well as a fuel supply area for marina users and the fishing shelter.

Next to Pernera

The Pernera fishing shelter, with a capacity of about 85 boats between 5m and 15m, was built in the mid-1980s and occupies the interior of the bay. The fishing shelter also has a boat launching ramp, which is owned and operated by the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (TATHE) and is used by the public, and facilities of the Coast Guard, which maintains two boats moored next to the dock.

The wider area of ​​the project is a very touristy area with popular beaches, hotel units, holiday homes and restaurants / cafes.

The Municipality of Paralimni and especially the area of ​​Pernera, as well as the neighboring coast of Protaras in the southeast, are very popular holiday destinations both by Cypriot families, but also by foreign visitors and tourists. A large portion of Cypriots own holiday homes in this wider coastal area, where they live during the hottest months of the year - mainly on weekends from April / May to October. During the peak season (usually July-August), the natural bays are filled with moored boats, which are there for day trips. This area is short of mooring facilities or fuel refueling units along the coast. This results in the formation of high demand for anchorage / berths for visitors, as well as for permanent berths in the area.

Creating a space with safe access and navigation of pleasure boats, in combination with the land facilities and services that will be created, will be able to significantly meet the needs of pleasure boats in the area and at the same time contribute to the economic and tourist development of the area. The project will have significant benefits for both the local and national economy, with the creation and provision of high quality services, the strengthening of tourism on a full-time basis, the development of residential units in the area, the provision of facilities for commercial, cultural and sports use. rental of berths and finally the creation of new jobs.