PARALIMNI: The priest of goodness and offering

He continues to offer generously even after his death, 9 years later

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In view of the World Kindness Day that was yesterday, the journalist Christiana Dionysiou made an extensive tribute to the story of the blessed Evelthontos Charalambous who was a priest in the church of Agios Dimitrios in Paralimni. A charismatic man, he offered and continues to offer to our fellow human beings even after his death, through the KEPA "AGIOS CHRISTOFOROS".


World Kindness Day is celebrated every year on November 13th. It was established in 2000 at the initiative of the World Kindness Movement, which brings together national non-governmental organizations - members of the Movement in order to promote goodwill and kindness to a wide community, both local and national and international. level.

Kindness is the most beautiful thing in the world

The following is the story of Father Evelthon Charalambous, a famous priest from Paralimni who was described by most as a priest of goodness.

Father Evelthontas was born on March 3, 1950 in the occupied village of Agios Georgios Spatharikou. Most described him as a priest of kindness, love and offering. And not unjustly. He helped students to study, he paid those who did not have money for shopping, electricity, water. Many who did not have shopping he sent them to shop and then went and paid them. He paid for tickets to patients who would go abroad for treatment. He built schools, clinics, hospitals & churches in various African countries. He holds a degree in Pedagogy and Theology. He served as a teacher in Primary and Secondary Education and retired as a Lyceum Principal in 2009. He was also the author of constructive books.

In 1973 he married Adriani Georgiou and they had three children, Christoforos, Maria and Dimitris. After the Turkish Invasion they went to Paralimni. He soon became a leading figure of the church and community in Paralimni, and a high priest in the sanctuary of Agios Georgios. "His father and elder were humble and modern missionaries on the great continent of Africa. They traveled there several times, alleviated the suffering of the people, organized the Christian communities and many times hosted hierarchs and children from Africa in Paralimni. The father wept in the pain of the people and rejoiced in their joys. He was indeed the priest of goodness, love and offering. That's what we all said and that's what we still say "says Mr. Andreas Ioannou, a resident of Paralimni.

In 1995 the father loses his son to a rare virus

His son Christoforos, was studying Medicine in Thessaloniki and his dream, was when he finished his studies, to make in addition to his office and an institution for children with special needs. He and his father had decided in August 1995. In November of the same year, Christoforos died suddenly of a rare virus. The pain was unbearable…

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The father managed to make Christoforos' dream come true

A few years later, in the same estate where Christoforos would build his doctor's office and the institution, it became the center of offer and love "Agios Christoforos", in the memory of the young man. There was no such institution in the area at that time.

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As a family he offered the space and the initial amount but also all the people of the area helped them, supported them. "From the town hall to the last citizen of Paralimni, they had deposited the surplus of their love there," Father Evelthon had said in an earlier interview. They laid the foundation stone in 1986 at the first memorial of Christoforos, at the second memorial they had the archontariki ready and the next memorial, the inauguration of the school and the whole building took place.

The Center of Offer and Love "Agios Christoforos" also known as "KEPA" offers:

Free home delivery of hot food to needy families (120 servings daily)

Model care and rehabilitation center for the elderly and disabled

It hosts a free special school for children with special needs "Lighthouse of Life".

Social grocery for needy families "Love Basket"

Free hospitality and palliative care for cancer patients

Guesthouse for well-to-do people

Scholarships and aids to needy students and pupils

Support for the missionary efforts of the church

Free French lessons

Offer clothing and footwear to needy families

Free hosting of meetings - events of voluntary organizations

Organizing excursions, banquets and other events

Recycling of clothes, plastic caps, batteries, frying oil, paper etc.

It houses the Cultural Association "ROMIOSYNI".

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Father Evelthontas Charalambous passed away at the age of 61, while he was sleeping in June 2011.

The father was with the elder in a monastery in the Peloponnese. In the afternoon the wedding sacrament of a friendly couple was performed and at night they slept in the monastery that hosted them. Unfortunately the father never woke up…

On Monday morning, June 27, 2011, he left for heaven, to hug his beloved son Christoforos. As the autopsy showed, the father "left" a brain aneurysm.

Father Eveltontas and his son Christoforos can rest in peace knowing that they have left, with the founding of KEPA, a glorious work behind them, and from above they can boast.


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