Important representation from the municipality of Famagusta in Councils of Semi-State (LISTA)

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Important is the representation of the names from the province of Famagusta that complete the lists of members of the Boards of Directors of the Semi-Governmental Organizations as announced today by the Council of Ministers.

Specifically, 15 names from the province of Famagusta make up the Boards of Directors of the Organizations.

See the list of names:

Licensing Authority

  • Christos Karas - President (Lawyer)
  • Panagiotis Panagiotou - Member (General Manager of Hotel Units)

Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA)

Costas Koumis - Vice President (Communication Specialist)

Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC)

Christiana Zikkou - Member (Lawyer)

Cyprus Sports Organization (CMO)

Panagiotis Trisokkas - Member (Bank Employee)

Housing Financing Organization

Christos Makridis - Member (Accountant / Auditor)

Cyprus Theatrical Organization (THOC)

Florence Savva - Member (Conservatory Director)

Urban Planning Council

Vakis Karoullas - Member (Businessman)

Board of Lending Commissioners

Maria Mattheou Souroulla - Member (Lawyer)

Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Foundation

George Kalogirou - Member (Distinguished Musician)

Cyprus Broadcasting Authority

  • Chryso Tsokkou - Member (Senior Manager in Hotel Units
  • Tasos Kyrmitsis - Member (Lawyer)
  • Sergios Poizis - Member (Electrical Engineer EAC)

National Scholarships Foundation

  • George Skalias - Member (Former High School Principal)
  • Socrates Frangou - Member (Teacher / Member of the Board of the Cyprus Youth Organization)

See the full list of names by clicking here