TURBINES: Arrest of a woman near the roadblock - In her possession 2 large knives

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A woman was arrested near the Strovilion roadblock by the Police of the British Bases of Dhekelia, in connection with the possession of two large knives, type knife.

A written statement from the British Base stated that the woman would appear in the Court of British Bases in Dhekelia early next month, "accused of possessing two large knives when she was found last week, sleeping in her car near the spot of the roadblock in Strovilia, violating the restrictions of the traffic ban COVID-19».

It is added that the police and customs officers of the British Bases located the woman in the car that seemed abandoned, in an olive grove near the point of the roadblock.

The excuse given to the Police by the woman was considered unsatisfactory and a check was made in her car where the two knives were found.

The woman was arrested and after a thorough search the next day, the Base Police, according to the announcement, located 2.600 cigarettes and multiple receipts from companies in the occupied areas.

Customs officers of the British Bases immediately confiscated the found, while the woman was released on bail of 300 euros and was fined an additional 300 euros for violating the measures for the COVID-19.

The Assistant Director of Dhekelia Police, Andreas Pitsillidis said, according to the announcement, that "we will continue to conduct such operations with the Customs along the borders of the British Bases with the occupied ones, in order to prevent any illegal activities and crimes and law and order and security of the Communities ".

He also noted that "we will be just as strict and will apply the law fairly to those who ignore it and violate it by committing crimes. Our goal was and remains, to create and maintain a safe and fair environment for those who live, work or pass through the Communities of the Bases ".