5 hairstyles that will make you look 5 kilos thinner!

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Do extra pounds still bother you? Even if you have chosen the right clothes that make you look thinner, does your face betray you?

If you think that only with makeup you can hide some imperfections of your face and look younger and thinner, you are wrong!

We have discovered the 5 hairstyles that will hide the 5 kilos that you want to get rid of for a long time and they look on your face!

1. Long hair.

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If you're in the midst of a long or short hair dilemma, hairstylist Edward Tricomi and co-owner of Warren-Tricomi (one of New York's largest hair salons) recommends long hair! With long hair, he explains, your face lengthens and becomes more oval. You could cut asymmetrical noses on the front that would fall on your face (mostly under your chin) and make you look thinner! Avoid boyish cups because they emphasize the features and cheeks, which are often juicy!

2. Asymmetrical fringes

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Let asymmetrical, loose fringes fall carefree to the right and left of your face while holding your hair in a high braid. In this way, your face will be framed, the illusion of "cutting" in the cheekbones will be created, while the tension will fall on the eyes.

3. Loose curls and light waves

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Straight hair will make your head look smaller and your face wider. On the other hand, avoid tight curls. The ideal, as hairstylist Edward Tricomi points out, are long loose curls that will open at the end of your hair, creating a result that will make you look thinner!

4. Tall knot.

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Hold your hair in a high tight bun. The knot gives length to your face, making it look even thinner. You can complete your look with an impressive pair of long earrings!

5. Make a side parting.

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Let your hair fall from the right or left side. Whatever haircut you have, make a side parting and let your hair fall to the side, almost covering your cheek. Your face will automatically look more oval and you will be 5 kilos thinner!

Extra tip: Give volume to the top of your head, lightly combing your hair with a comb!

Source: Queen.gr