Averoff is the general coordinator of the pre-election Anastasiadis

CEB1 37 Averof Neophytou, News, Presidential Elections 2018
CEB1 54 Averof Neophytou, News, Presidential Elections 2018

DISY President Averof Neophytou will have the general mandate of Nikos Anastasiadis' election campaign, in the battle for re-election to the Presidency of the Republic.

The alarming president will take on the role of coordinator, with a mission to carry out his task successfully, as in 2013. The party's deputy chairman, who according to the statute is a top leader in the election campaign, will be vying for a rapprochement. of the party base, something that stands out.

From there and beyond, according to information, despite his side, Averof Neophytou will have the DISY MP from Nicosia, Dimitris Dimitriou. A person of his trust, who will be his direct helper in matters of coordination and organization. Decisive factors for the selection of Dimitris Dimitriou were the young man of his age, having a positive impact on young people, as well as good access, since he was president of the organization of New Sciences of DISY.

He also counted the fact that he is a native of DISY. Also a determining factor, in addition to the trust he enjoys from the party leadership, was the election campaign of Dimitris Dimitriou as a candidate for parliament.

Source: Philenews