Show me what you wear to tell you how you feel!

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You can dress casually in the morning without thinking much about what you are wearing, but this choice is greatly influenced by your mood. And one piece that is present in almost all of our wardrobes - blue jeans - is what most people wear when they feel depressed, according to research by psychologists from the University of Hertfordshire.

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The study conducted by Professor Karen Payne, showed that what a woman chooses to wear is completely related to her emotional state. One hundred women aged 21-64 were asked what they wore when they felt depressed and more than half answered "jeans". Only a third of women would choose jeans when they felt happy. Also when a woman is in a bad mood she is more likely to wear a wide top, while only 2% would wear it in a happy phase. Finally, women revealed that they were ten times more likely to wear a favorite dress when they felt happy (62%) than when they felt unhappy (6%).

Research concludes that due to the close relationship between clothing and mood, we should wear clothes that we combine in our minds with happiness, even when we feel bad.

As Dr. Payne: "This discovery shows that clothing does not just affect others, but also reflects and influences the mood of the wearer. Many of the women in the study felt that they could lift their spirits by changing the clothes they wore. "This demonstrates the psychological power of clothing and how the right choices could affect a person's happiness."

Accessories also play an important role. According to the research:

Twice as many women said they would wear a hat when they felt happy than when they were depressed.

Five times as many women said they would wear their favorite pair of shoes when they felt happy (31%) than when they were depressed (6%).

According to the research, the "happy" clothes - those that make women feel beautiful - were well-fitted, accentuated the silhouette, and were made of bright and beautiful fabrics. As Dr. These are exactly the characteristics that jeans do not have. "Jeans do not suit everyone. They usually do not fit well and do not have a nice cut. They also suggest that the wearer has not been particularly concerned with his appearance. Those who feel depressed often lose interest in their appearance and do not want to stand out. Therefore the relationship between depression and the choice to wear jeans is understandable. And most of all, research shows that we can dress better to lift our spirits, but that can mean we have to part with our baggy jeans and tops. "

The results could have been different if the survey had included men. "Most of my research is on women θέματα and I believe that emotional connection is stronger in women than in men, although there is research that shows that men's clothes affect their behavior (eg sports teams). who wear black uniforms are more aggressive) ", concluded Dr. Pay.

Of course, according to image consultants such as Linda Freyland, jeans are not necessarily associated with depression, although sometimes it is very difficult to find the right cut. "If you have the right jeans, it can be very sexy when combined with high heels and a nice top. Especially in places like New York, where women spend $ 300 on a pair of blue jeans, and have more than 8 couples on average, they are definitely not associated with depression. "Maybe in other parts of America or at older ages, these comfortable but not flattering jeans suggest depression."

So before we choose for our outfit the wide tops and the buggy jeans, let us think twice again and let us choose clothes that lift our mood, flatter us, provoke positive emotions, and positive reactions from those around us. We will definitely feel happier….