Complaint against Sizopoulos for illegal import of preparations

CEB1 22 News
The Police is investigating the involvement of the President of EDEK, Marinos Sizopoulos, in the illegal import of medicines in Cyprus.

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The relevant complaint was made by a former colleague of Mr. Sizopoulos, who is a dermatologist.

According to an article in the newspaper "Politis", a medical visitor, who is also involved in the crimes for which she complained to Mr. Sizopoulos and if the investigation proceeds she will face the consequences of the law, claims that she transferred from Greece in Cyprus, on behalf of the president of EDEK, quantities of Botox and Dysport vials.

Marinos Sizopoulos speaks about a conspiracy that will collapse and an attempt to silence it.

He annoys, he argues, with the positions he formulates, and some people target him to disorient public opinion.

"We leave the summer and weep again" he states characteristically, pointing out that both preparations circulate freely in Cyprus and he has not made any imports or sales.

If some people want conflict and war, he emphasizes, they will have it. I am not one of those who keep silent and I have evidence for many.